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Kerrang Stefan Olsdal (in English, Scans)

La Mascara Les goûts du groupe en 15 questions (in French) >> in Russian

Record Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

April 2000

Pulse Get Out Your Claws (in English)

July 2000

Kerrang Riot starting new LP (in English)

Sunday Times Agenda Bender (in English)

Kerrang The Lizard King (in English) >> in Russian

FUZZ Большие надежды (in Russian, Scans)

September 2000

Select Fitter, Happier, More Productive (in English, Scans)

Boyz Threesome (in English) Placebo interview (in English)

France Inter C'est Lenoir (in French)

October 2000

Melody Maker I'm The Anti Eminem (in English)

Rock Sound Placebo - Cumming Of Age (in English)

Top 40 Spiked And Ready (in English)

Kerrang Up close and personal with Brian Molko (in English) >> in Russian

FHM The Brian Molko Interview (in English)

DNMais Without Cosmetics (in English)

Sunday Mail Return of the Angry Angel (in English)

Rock Sound Placebo versus Indochine (in French) >> in Russian

November 2000

Juice The Man who fell to Earth (in English)

Billboard Europe Takes Big Dose of Placebo (in English, Scans)

Evening Standard Brian's mummy smokes crack (in English)

Guitare Part Brian Molko (in French)

December 2000

Black Market Press Return To Oz - Interview with Stefan (in English)

Kerrang Brian Molko - My year (in English)

Melody Maker Interview with Brian (in English, Scans)

Big day out Brian Molko (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles Brian Molko et Xavier Delcour - Masculin féminin (in French) >> in Russian

Generation X Before Placebo - Bio Of Brian Molko (in English)


Vox Online Interview with Brian & Steve (in English)

The Sentimentalist Placebo (in English) Интервью с Брайаном (in Russian)

Silver Rocket The story behind San Remo 2001 (in English)

Башня Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

FUZZ Концерт в Зеленом Театре (in Russian, Scans)

Крестьянка Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

The US Vault Online The Religion of Glam (in English)

February 2001

Hip Online Into the Black Market with Placebo (in English)

FUZZ Вам и не снилось (in Russian, Scans)

France Inter À Toute Allure (in French) >> in Russian

The Big Day Out Placebo (in English, Scans)

March 2001

Kerrang Hello My Lovelies! (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Bass Magazine Stefan Olsdal (in French, Scans)

April 2001

Toronto Sun Placebo Not Hard To Swallow (in English)

Ottawa Sun Easy Pill To Swallow (in English)

Eye Weekly Pretty, not Vacant (in English)

NY Rock Interview with Brian (in English) Molko gets the sharp end of the pencil (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles Placebo enflamme le Printemps de Bourges (in French)

Ровесник Эффект плацебо (in Russian, Scans)

May 2001

LA Weekly Happy Pills (in English)

VirginMega Being Loyal Only To The Pleasure Zone (in English)

Telegram & Gazette-Worcester Placebo Sticks with the Outcasts (in English)

Morning Call Placebo Brings Emotion to Market (in English)

Virgin Mega Boxing Clever in Hollywood (in English)

Rolling Stone Pure Brian Molko (in English)

Out Placebo's effect (in English, Scans)

June 2001

Alternative Press Black Market Music (in English) Spacebo (in Russian)

Machina Placebo (in Polish, Scans)

July 2001 Black Market Music (in Russian)

CMJ New Music The Devil and Mr. Molko (in English, Scans)

The Advocate Out-of-control group (in English, Scans)

August 2001

Alternative Press Saying Yes To Another Excess (in English)

The Daily Telegraph Russia's cup of tea (in English)

Ровесник Культ Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

September 2001

Guitar Player Brian Molko's Glam-Bam Guitars (in English)

NME Лекарство от дури (in Russian, Scans)

November/December 2001

Les Inrockuptibles à Cure ouvert (in French, Scans) >> in English >> in Russian

2001-2002 (winter)

Outburn Black Market Music (in English)