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Independent Gig review (in English)

Newsday Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

Air & Style Placebo biography (in English)

Scene Placebo (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Brian Molko's World Of Showbiz (in English, Scans)

March 1998

The Daily Telegraph Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

June 1998

NME We Left A Trail Of Blood And Spunk All Over The Country (in English)

July 1998

The Daily Telegraph The Arts: Sex gods for every possible taste (in English) The Original Nancy Boys (in English)

August 1998

NME No More Charlie Angels (in English, Scans)

Interview Conversation With Sally Stratton (in English)

September 1998

Antidote Thérapie de groupe (in French) >> in Russian

Discover Interview: Placebo (in German)

October 1998

Select I Thought I Was Good At Handling Pussy (in English, Scans)

Guitar Magazine Sonic Youths (in English)

The Guardian Jagged Little Pill (in English)

Billboard Placebo Having An Effect On The U.S. (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Ready, Steady, Spook (in English)

Sunday Times Oh, The Glam Of It All (in English)

Melody Maker Velvet Goldmine (in English, Scans)

Les Inrockuptibles Placebo - Post coitum, animal mélancolique (in French, Scans) >> in Russian

Magic Placebo (in French, Scans)

NME Flaccid House (in English, Scans)

Zillo Das Leben als Popstar (in German, Scans)

November 1998

JAM! Music Placebo Bares All With Sophomore Effort (in English)

The Los Angeles Times Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

Rolling Stone Nancy Boy (in English)

Spin Velvet Goldmine (in English, Scans)

December 1998

Spin Crush With Eyeliner (in English, Scans)

Gay Times The Rise and Rise Of Brian Molko (in English)

Alternative Press A Place Of Their Own (in English, Scans)

Ray Gun The Bitterest Pill (in English, Scans)

NME Missive Attack (in English)

The Advocate The Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

The Atlanta Journal Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles Private Brian - Brian Molko (in French)

The Duquesne Duke Glam rock revival (in English, Scans)


SUB Interview with Brian Molko (in Korean & English, Scans)

V99 Placebo (in English, Scans)

Ровесник Яркая пустота в зеркалах многозначности (in Russian, Scans)

January 1999

Chart All The Young Dudes (in English)

Billboard The Modern Age (in English, Scans)

NME Rocky Mountain Horror Show (in English)

Metro Music The big interview (in English)

Los Angeles Times Redefining the Term 'Crossover Hit' (in English)

The Sun We're No Angels (in English)

NY Rock Interview with Placebo (in English)

Melody Maker Readers' poll (in English, Scans)

February 1999

Access Magazine New Radicals (in English)

Planet Sound Interview with Stefan (in English)

db Placebo's Nothing (in English)

Antidote Même endroit, même heure (in French) >> in Russian

Evening Standard Mackenzie Crook feature (in English)

March 1999

Q Big In America (in English, Scans)

Recovery Magazine Placebo (in English)

Guitar Player Ear Candy (in English, Scans)

LAM 21st Century Poised (in English)

Real Detroit Weekly What Is Real, And What Is Placebo? (in English)

The Mirror Frock Rock (in English)

Cincinnati Citybeat Stardusted (in English)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Placebo Disputes Its Reputation... (in English)

SonicNet/Yahoo! Chat hosted by David Bowie (in English)

Select Stefan Olsdal featuring Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Billboard Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

Brum W każdym z was jest wariat (in Polish, Scans)

April 1999

Massive Magazine Inspiring Ill Will (in English)

Melody Maker Psycho Babble with Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Hit Music Outside The Line (in English)

Waikato Times Placebo - Masters of melancholy melody (in English)

May 1999

Circus Glam-Grunge With Blue Mascara (in English, Scans)

Rolling Stone Swallow This! It's Placebo! (in English)

The Drum Media Glam Model Rock (in English)

Hip Online Stefan Olsdal Interview (in English)

Tylko Rock Placebo (in Polish, Scans)

XL Konstanty Briana Molko (in Polish, Scans)

July 1999

Vima Newspaper Interview with Stefan Olsdal (in English)

Beat Magazine Placebo (in English)

19 Rock 'n' Kohl (in English) >> in Russian

The Sun Herald Q and A With Brian Molko (in English)

Rock Sound The Life Of Brian (in English)

August 1999

Juice Magazine Something For The Masses (in English)

Alternative Press Never take guitar lessons (in English, Scans)

Rip it up Steve Hewitt interview (in English)

Melody Maker Pure cloning (in English, Scans)

September 1999

Machina Ziggy Stardust i synowie (in Polish, Scans)

November 1999

Rolling Stone Placebo's Wicked Ways (in English)

Melody Maker We're Falling Apart At The Seams (in English, Scans)