"Interview with Stefan"

Planet Sound, Feb'99

Ch4 Teletext

06 Feb 1999


Pouting pervsters Placebo have plonked their pert, PVC-clad buttocks in the chart this week with Every You Every Me, the latest hit from their album Without You I'm Nothing.

Glam pixie singer Brian Molko was busy trying on frocks (or something), so we settled for a chat with towering, 24-year-old Swedish bassist Stefan Olsdal.

Discover what Brian and Stef's biggest row was over, their festival plans, and why Stefan had a guitar called Banana!

Brian has had extreme reactions from fans. Have you had similar scenarios?

"Not so much. Someone he went out with got attacked and there were threatening phone calls. I just get fans calling up to ask what gigs we're doing. I had an odd experience with one fan who wanted my chewed off fingernails!"

"The strangest present I've got from a fan was something that looked like a sex toy from Japan. It plays different techno beats when pressed to your ear."

Do you use the Internet much?

"I like to look at the various Placebo sites. We encourage them. Brick ****House is my favourite one. We did a chat session on our official Web site a few weeks ago and that was a good laugh. Winding up Boyzone fans is amusing too."

What is your earliest memory?

"Falling down a gravel hill when I was four."

When is Kitsch Object being released?

"When we find a proper middle eight."

Are you playing any festivals this year?

"Hopefully we'll be playing the Benicassim Festival in Spain. It's my favourite festival in my favourite country. There's a swimming pool and a free bar backstage, with a go-kart track just across the road."

What's the biggest argument you've had with Brian?

"Whether he was justified in storming off stage in Lisbon on the Pop Mart tour after his amp broke. It was resolved on U2's Lemon jet."

Have you ever given a name to one of your instruments?

"Yes. I called my first electric guitar Banana, because it was yellow."

You're playing at the Brits, so what do you think of the nominations?

"I don't know much about them, other than that Robbie's going to win them all. Yawn! Eurythmics are getting the Outstanding Contribution prize. Their Revenge LP was the first record I bought actually. I got it because I liked the cover."

What song would you most like Placebo to cover?

"Daddy Cool by Boney M."

If you could pick a TV show, a CD and a personal memento to bury in a 1999 time capsule, what would they be?

"The Jerry Springer Show to catch humans at their best, The Best Disco Album In The World Ever, because dancing is a universal must, and my wisdom teeth. I just had them out, and they're huge."

Who's your favourite member of Steps?

"Uh... see ya!"