"Q and A With Brian Molko"

The Sun Herald, Jul'99

Jul 22nd 1999

Your Returning to Australia for the second time in just a few months. Did you enjoy it?

Yes. We realised we had a lot of fans in Australia. But we played clubs. We met so many kids at (cd) signings who couldn't see us. They begged us to play all ages shows. The invitation to support silverchair was quite fortuitous. We've done a lot of festival gigs with them and they rock.

You recently played with your friend Marilyn Manson. How was that?

It was good to catch up and insult each other again. We drank a lot of absinthe together, the green stuff (Vincent) Van Gough used to drink. Its an extremely strong liqueur that sends you sideways.

You've re-recorded your song without you I'm nothing with David Bowie. How did that happen?

David fell completely in love with the song when we played it together at the Brit awards. We were in New York at the same time, and he came in the studio to record it. It was quite surreal telling him, "David I think you can sing it a little better".

Your fans are very devoted. What's the wierdest gift you've received?

I get a lot of nail polish, lipstick and pornographic photos. People give me their antidepressants. I don't particularly need them right now. They probably need them more than i do. People send me notes begging me not to kill myself. I've no intention of going away.

Is it true your the next Calvin Klein model?

Yes, along with Shirley Manson (garbage), Kim Gordon (sonic youth), and Melissa from hole. Were part of the new Calvin Klein line campaign. Being in a successful band opens up so many new doors, from modeling to movies to musical collaborations. Once you get to a level where that happens its great.

What was the last album you bought?

The soft bulletin by the flaming lips. I recommend everyone buys it.

When did you last cry?

At a festival. Its good to know music still moves me to tears. During a particularly pumping set by faithless i felt the old waterworks coming on.

What's your favourite ABBA song?

Dancing Queen, the ultimate perfect pop moment of all time.

Why is Shania Twain so big?

Cos she's had a hard life, like jewel. In America if your a cute girl and your past is tragic you sell millions of records. That song don't impress me much sends me into fits of violence when i hear it.

What's the most famous phone number you have?

Is anyone more famous than David Bowie?


Well, if I had her phone number I'd be calling up and leaving lots of dirty messages on her answerphone.