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PICzine    Black Market Music   (in English)

September 2002

Rock Mag    L'épidémie Placebo   (in French, Scans)

October 2002

Rock Mag    Sans toi, ni loi   (in French, Scans)

November 2002

Rock Mag    Troisième acte   (in French, Scans)

December 2002

H Magazine    Trash Palace   (Scans)

Winter 2002-2003

Crash    Metric System   (Scans)


Montreal Gazette    Placebo Effect Gets Polished   (in English)

Outburn    Sleeping With Ghosts   (in English)

NME    Astoria gig   (in English)

BBC Radio 1    Placebo chat   (in English)

The Sentimentalist    Brian Molko   (in English, Scans)    Drogue dure   (in French) >> in Russian

January 2003

Kerrang    Interview with Brian   (in English, Scans)

February 2003

Комсомольская правда    Ленин, Сталин и я, Брайан Молко   (in Russian)

Rock Sound    Paradise Of The Phantoms   (in French, Scans)

Rolling Stone    Casper & Pollux   (in French, Scans)

Spring 2003

Citizen K    Placebo   (in French, Scans)

March 2003

Kerrang    Natural Born Chillers   (in English, Scans)    Gig   (in English)

DNAsix    Brian Molko   (in English)

Московский комсомолец    Спящие с призраками   (in Russian)

Les Inrockuptibles    L’Avis de Brian   (in French, Scans)  >> in Russian

Rolling Stone    Thérapie de groupe   (in French, Scans)

The Times    Keep taking the Placebos   (in English, Scans)

Oor    Placebo   (in Dutch, Scans)

Rock Mag    Ghosts Story   (in French, Scans)

Rock Sound    Dancers in the dark   (in French, Scans)

Drowned in Sound    Interview with Brian Molko   (in English)

Zillo    Hart vs. zart   (in German, Scans)

Daily Record    The Placebo Effect   (in English)

April 2003

Scotland On Sunday    The Ghosts of Tours to Come   (in English)

Sunday Mercury    Birmingham 2003 Gig   (in English)

Daily Record    Glasgow 2003 Gig   (in English)

Rock Sound    Sleeping With Ghosts   (in English, Scans)

Rock Sound    Placebo interview   (in English)    Sleeping With Ghosts   (in Russian)

ОМ    Между роскошью и тоской   (in Russian)

Daily Mirror    The Glam Ghost   (in English, Scans)

Kerrang    Placebo   (in English, Scans)

Eventbiz    Canegreen Keeping the Ghosts Awake   (in English)

Guitar Part    Placebo   (in French, Scans)

Rock & Folk    Placebo veut de l'action   (in French, Scans)

Rock Mag    Phantom of Paradise   (in French, Scans)

Visions    Sinnvolle Fusionen und hoffnungslose Romantik   (in German, Scans)

X-Ray    Molko on life, death, smack and make-up   (in English)

May 2003    Placebo interview   (in English)

Rolling Stone    Sleeping With Ghosts   (in English)

Out    Sleeping With Ghosts   (in English)

Muza    Placebo   (in Polish, Scans)

Nu Magazine    Placebo   (in Spanish, Scans)

June 2003

Rock Mag    Placebo 8 jours en France   (in French, Scans)

July 2003

Boston Herald    Boston 2003 Gig   (in English)

August 2003

Muza    Klinika doktora Molko   (in Polish, Scans)

Bravo    Placebo   (in Polish, Scans)

Newsweek    Rockowa szminka   (in Polish, Scans)    Molko Plans Trip Home To Lebanon   (in English)

The Times    Placebo Talking Point   (in English)

Teraz Rock    Życie i Śmierć   (in Polish, Scans)

September 2003

Bang    'The last Page' Q&A with Brian Molko   (in English, Scans)

Kerrang    Brave New World   (in English, Scans)

Rock Sound    Seven deadly sins   (in English, Scans)

Ровесник    Placebo на колесах   (in Russian, Scans)    Interview with the band   (in German)

October 2003

Rolling Stone    Daho & Molko: Duo hisse haut   (in French, Scans)  >> in Russian

Zillo    M'Era Luna Review   (in German, Scans)

Billboard    Placebo A Sure Fix   (in English, Scans)

November 2003

IQ    Black Magic Man   (in English)

Phosphore    Placebo   (in French, Scans)

Muza    Placebo w Warszawie   (in Polish, Scans)

ReadMag    Placebo   (in English)

Jeunes a Paris    L'effet Placebo   (in French, Scans)

December 2003

Samsonic    Brian Molko   (in English)

Nov/Dec 2003 - Jan 2004

Murmures Magazine    Interview with Steve Hewitt   (in French, Scans)