Molko Plans Trip Home To Lebanon, Aug'6th, 2003

PLACEBO frontman BRIAN MOLKO is in negotiations to take his rock trio to Lebanon for a gig - so he can revisit the city where he grew up.

The PURE MORNING singer spent his formative years in the war-torn country, but has no memory of his time there.

Now, he wants to go back and see if the house where he lived with his parents is still standing.

He says, "My parents have a very fond memory of Lebanon. They used to call it the Paris of the Middle East. It used to be a very beautiful place."

"We were recently offered a gig there, so I think that it would be interesting to go back."

"We did go top 10 in Lebanon, so there's a possibility that I will go back and find where I used to live. It might not be there anymore."

Source: contactmusic