"Brian Molko"

Samsonic, Dec'03

The highlight of 2003?

'Rock am Ring and Rock im park. A deputize turn for Linkin park; frontman Chester got sick. Two festivals at one day! Never done that before. About 150.000 people, and our show was broadcast live on the German television. Then you'll get nervous. But when we drove to one festival to the other with police escorts…That was very rock 'n roll.

Learned anything about yourself this year?

'Mwoah, I'm still a freak. Only I've accepted it now. But seriously, I'm not 24 anymore. I can't cosume as must as I used to. I want to, but my body says no. Those hang overs and depressions aren't worth it anymore. Our tour life is pure luxury now: massages before the show, nutritious meals, a steam bath now and then... Good for my voice aswell.. Finally we're getting decent meals and are wearing a clean underpants every day.'

Seen any great bands lately?

'Yes, that's one of the advantages of touring. Most surprissing this summer I found Interpol, Elbow and Grandaddy. And Polyphonic Spree was fucking unbelievable at Reading. Just like PJ Harvey with guitarist Mick Harvey from The Bad Seeds.'

Your most bizarre gig…

'Imola, a metal-festival at a formula 1-circuit in Italie. We we're sceduled just before Metallica… See the problem yet? We did when we stood on stage. Quickly changed the setlist - skipt all slow songs- but couldn't even get to play. We got fruit, beer and all sorts of things to our heads. We needed all of our concentration to avoid all the rubbish. Yes, back to the 'good old days', we were right back on earth again. Metallica fans want to see Metallica, we are way to gay for those people. Mistake of the program.

And your most exciting gig?

'Mexico city. The air's so thin there: every two songs I had to go on the oxygen-mask.

Every now and then I thought I was gonna faint. Just like when you're doing a marathon, but it was exciting.

Have you learned anything about your band members after all those years?

'Steve and Stefan haven't got any secrets for me anymore, but our new keyboard player Xavier I can discover entirley. This is his first big tour and it's really cute how he responds to everthing. That innocence… So he's quite raising chain. We've already done that. Sooooo '97.

What's your weirdest experience with a fan?

All of our fans are weird. There's a girl who's been following us around the world. Every show she's standing right in front of me. She's been taking pictures once of all my body parts: she started at my feet, ankles, under-legs... I think she wanted to make a photo collage. I kinda like that of course, but it's a bit scary aswell. I've seen fans who'd tattoo-ed my face on their back…

During a gig in Milan you stopt playing, because someone was filming you…

Yes, and I've done that before. It's so respectless. Look, giving interviews, traveling… I'm not getting anything for that. But the hour and a half I'm on stage I give myself entirely. That time is very precious. When some son of bitch is filming me I lose my consentration and can't play anymore. If it's happening underhand, ok. As long as it isn't bodering me…

There's a bonus disk with covers by your new album 'Sleeping with ghosts' now. What's your favourite song?

We've done covers before, a.o. for a Smiths tribute-album and the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. This year we wanted to put them all together along with some new ones. In the studio we try out all sorts of things: sometimes a song works, sometimes not. But we're very proud of Running up^that hill by Kate Bush and Serge Gainsbourg's The ballad of Melody Nelson.

You don't seem the type who watched Idols for fun this year...

'Idols is the work of Satan. It hasn't got any cultural nor artistic value.

Young people are only trained in doing karaoke. Those kids are raping one classic song after another and then thinking they're gonna be famous...

Idols is an offence to all the people who love popmusic and buy records. The producers only care about the money. And the jury! Who do they think they are?

I mean, Geri Halliwell?! What does she thinks she's doing there? If it was a dietshow, ok. That horse hasn't got the slightest knowledge of music. But then, missy feels like running down other people. Bah.'

So what are you going to do with Christmas?

'I think I'm going to lock myself till newyear. That whole atmosphere about Christmas is so hysterical: just stressed people in town, who are swiftly looking for a good gift... And if you want it or not, irrevocable you'll be looking back to the past year and all the shit will come back again. Depressions, suicide, and then you'll be stuck with you familly too. I'll be glad when it's newyear.'

What are your expectations for 2004?

'Touring, touring and more touring. Good intentions? To survive the tour.