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November 1995

NME Interview with Brian (in English)


NME Placebo (in English)

Melody Maker Sex punk Placebo-style (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Concert Review (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Brian Molko: "I'm Fey" (in English, Scans)

February 1996

The Guardian Placebo POP: Dingwalls, London (in English)

Melody Maker In One Era And Out The Other? (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Born To Please (in English, Scans)

May 1996 Placebo - Leaping Over Boundries (in English)

June 1996

The Independent Angela Lewis on Pop Music (in English)

The Times Molko shake (in English)

July 1996

Vox Interview with Brian Molko (in English)

August 1996

Les Inrockuptibles Placebo (in French)

September 1996

Melody Maker The Pleasure Principal (in English)

Georgetown Voice A hard pill to swallow whole (in English)

NE News Placebo singer goes androgynous (in English)

NY Times A Terse Outsider Enumerates His Woes (in English)

Gaffa Manderockens femme fatale (in Danish, Scans)

October 1996

Anodyne Placebo (in English)

Interview A Placebo that cures (in English)

December 1996

The List All the world's a stage (in English)

Rolling Stone Placebo is the Real Thing (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles Placebo - cherchez le garçon (in French)

Billboard Placebo (in English, Scans)


Melody Maker Single of the week (in English, Scans)

V97 Placebo (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Alien Sex Fiend (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Loving The Aliens (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker View From The Crew (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Placebo Dig For Gold (in English, Scans)

Billboard Velvet Goldmine (in English, Scans)

Kerrang The Three Wise Men (in English, Scans)

The Sun Molko: Beer Monster? (in English, Scans)

January 1997

Melody Maker A Proper Nancy Boy (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker Placebo's single of the week (in English, Scans)

Kerrang New York Doll (in English)

Oldham Chronicle Placebo thrive on controversy (in English)

NME The Girlie Show Off (in English)

Cambs E News The Antidote to Britpop? (in English)

NME Kohl and the Gang (in English, Scans)

February 1997

Kerrang Brian, My record collection (in English)

Express Placebo Gig Review (in English)

Independent Title Unknown (in English)

The Guardian High On the Placebo Effect (in English)

Melody Maker Hallo Spaceboys (in English) >> in Russian

NME Brian Gigs (in English)

Vox Salon Defectives (in English)

What's On The Bitterest Pill (in English)

Q Out Come the freaks (in English, Scans)

Irish Times Dublin (in English)

March 1997

Dazed and Confused Placebo (in English)

Kerrang Brian takes the Kerrang Challenge (in English)

Sessions Bristol Gig Review (in English)

Backbeat Life's a drag (in English)

Guitar Part L'Antidote (in French, Scans)

April 1997

Attitude Life Of Brian (in English)

Select The Life & Loves of a He/She Devil (in English, Scans)

May 1997

Sessions Role Reversal (in English)

Kerrang Hell's Angel (in English)

NME I don't want to be the drug crazed sex dwarf any more (in English)

G-Spot Avon Calling (in English)

June 1997

NME Let's Frock (in English)

VOX It's Only Rock'n'Role Reversal (in English, Scans)

GQ The Placebo Effect (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Zillo Placebo (in German, Scans)

August 1997

Guitarist The Boy Can't Help It (in English)

Melody Maker Let's Nance (in English) Not Just Administered To The Control Group (in English)

September 1997

Bassist Even Better Than The Real Thing (in English)

November 1997

NME On The Couch (in English) Placebo's guitarist Brian Molko interview (in English, Scans)

December 1997

Melody Maker Birds Of A Feather Boa (in English, Scans)