"Placebo donate their earnings in Chile"

Sonar, Mar'10


Source: sonarfm

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Translation by Molko's Princess

Brian Molko, Placebo's leader, confirmed through an exclusive telephone interview with Sonar 105 7, from Thailand, that 100% of the profits from their show in Santiago, next April 8th at the Movistar Arena, will be donated to an organization responsible to manage money to benefit those affected by the 27/02 earthquake that hit south-central area of the country.

The charismatic leader of the British band said that they might have been less supportive, and come only to support verbally, touch and go, but not taking care about the fame they have reached from their earlier shows in Chile isn't the idea of Placebo.

"It was impossible for us to go and we said 'hello, we are Placebo, we know that you recently experienced a hard time, had a natural disaster and many lost their homes and others died but, hey! Give us your money'. No. We can not do that. Therefore, we have decided to donate all the earnings from our show in Santiago for the reconstruction funds that are being carried out in Chile, "Molko said exactly.

There are still tickets to see Placebo in Santiago. Check the Calendar here: http://www.sonarfm.cl and check there the prices of the tickets.

If you still have doubts, now more than ever have to go.