21 February 2010

Triple J, Interview with Brian Molko

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Triple J: The man is in the room, he's in the building we found Brian Molko from Placebo. Welcome to Triple J, welcome to Soundwave Sydney.

Brian: Thank you, nice to be here.

J: It's lovely to have you here and back to Australia once again, a place that you've been to many, many times, does it kinda feel like the second home to you?

B: Well if it was a second home it probably wouldn't be so far away, you know(laugh).

Triple J: You couldn't just get xxxx(?) around the corner.

B: Exactly, you know I think I would spend a lot more time here becuz I like it so much if it wasn't such a bitch to get to. I have a issue with flying and I really dislike it so...

Triple J: What do you do to calm the nerves? When you get on the 30 hours flights?

B: Sedatives. (laugh) I have to sedate myself you know.

Triple J: I dont think you learned(?) to that one. Have you seen that PLACEBO audience has been changed over the years that you've been coming to Aus?

B: yeah, you know, everytime you come back there's a whole new generation of 15, 16 years old, sort of move down the front and discover the band on that recent album that the people who sort of have discovered who was there before, and previous tour just kinda move back a little further into the audience but they're still there. So it's sort of, it remains cross-generational.

Triple J: yeah, which must be exciting for you as well, to keep the energy alive to watch that ....

B: absolutely, these guys in their mid 30s can write songs that people who are 15 years old understand and connect with, says a lot of us as people but I think it's fortuitous in a professional way, you know, it's for our jobs it's kinda good.

Triple J: Hitting all the generations in every records, gotta love that. xxxxx(the location?) which is where we broadcasting live from today here the sydney soundwave, it's a pretty awe-inspiring venue and I know you're very excited about it.

B: I cannot contain myself.

Triple J: is it a way literally in the piety? BFTS came out and you played a gig at Angkor Wat? which is the twelfth century Cambodian temple, how did you score that as a venue for PLACEBO? it's amazing?

B: We didnt and it was before we released our new album, it was where in the middle of mixing BFTS when we got the phone call. This concert was organized by a group of ppl called MTV Exit and it's a charity that linked to MTV. What we are trying to do is we are trying to raise awareness about this modern scorch that sort of exists, which is human trafficking. So every year, about 2.5 million people are kidnapped and bought and sold on the black market, for intersexual slavery, or endanger servitude or to work in sweatshops. We became involved in MTV Exit becuz we were shocked on a basic human level and wanted to do something about it. And it was just so happened that the concert they offered us was in front of this 12th century Buddhist temple in Cambodia, which I've been to already as a tourist and found one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring and spiritual places that I've ever been to. It also transpired that we're gonna be the first maybe the last rock band to play in front of this place, so it kinda tick out of the boxes so we stopped mixing the album and we flew to Cambodia to get involved. And we hopefully will do some more with MTV Exit this year, hopefully in Vietnam and maybe in Serbia, becuz a lot of this starts in Asia and East Europe and goes thru that, i mean the human trafficking. We were just absolutely flabbergasted and shocked in our supposed-to-be-civilized modern society, that slavery still existed. And if we could do your bit for that, than it is really a positive thing. On a human level, I just dont understand how people can hit on each other in the Friday night inside a pub, let alone sort of buy and sell another human being.

Triple J: Is that the only cause that PLACEBO are involved in or is this sort of focus your attention on that one thing you really passionate about?

B: You can sort of spread yourself a little bit thing and it was supposed that, this moment, we are involved in. I think it has to resonate with you as a human being and you have to really believe in it.

Triple J: Brian Molko is joining the backstage here @ soundwave in Sydney and this PLACEBO leading singer will be taking the stage v v soon. Are there anything in terms of being in Australia, is there anything left on your to-do-list. Do you still come down here sort of think "I really gotta go to that wildlife park" or go to see that museum or just go jumping the particular beach, is there anything left you really wanna do this time around?

B: You know, I normally hit the beach, a lot, which is I think a lot of people will be quite surprised about. As a band we are trying to encourage the Goth to get a sun-tan. That's perhaps another cause that we are involved.

Triple J: Tan up goth?

B: I remember I did a signing once, in Australia, there's a girl came in and she was so pale, she was definitely white. And we were sitting there in our shorts, signing CDs. I said to her that, hey you should really get down yourself to the beach. She said, but it doesnt go with my clothes.

Triple J: PLACEBO fighting the good fire for all the goth around the world, get out there get on the sun and you guys will be well and truly tanning up on stage, there are lazing day out here. I gotta let you go becuz you really have to go in that run and get ready for your set, Brian Molko has been joining us from PLACEBO here at backstage at Triple J, thanks so much for coming, bye Brian, I'm sure I will talk to you soon.