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Placebo Summer 2009 - The Mexican Epilogue

"Hey, just wanted to thank you all for coming out this summer and giving us some memorable nights! It was long, hot and sweaty... And thank you all for voting for us at the MTV Awards, you gave us a night to remember. Got to say we did feel quite pleased up there on the podium!!!

Since the autumn tour is up and running I want to take the opportunity to say a massive thanks to the French crowds who showed a lot of love!! We're excited about the show now with the little ShortsTV Film Festival and EXPATRIATE as support. We start the German leg today. Fahren wir, ja!!?

I hope you have enjoyed my little summer blogs. It was a journey for me, both personally and with the band to delve into sides of us people necessarily haven't seen before..!! I had fun doing them and tried to get as many of you as possible in there as well. You all know who you are!!! Some of you have asked if they'll be available somewhere else apart from online. I'm still working on that idea and will let you know shortly. Bye for now!"

x Stefan

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