Soundcheck, The 5 most important records in the life of Brian Molko

Michael Jackson - Thriller
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
PJ Harvey - Dry
Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
Peaches - Fatherfucker

No goth, no moth
Brian Molko is laughing a lot, is smoking even more and has holes in his shirt. What? No, it were not moth.

"Small Asshole" quite tall
Really long eyelashes, really nice Y3 - Sneakers from adidas, really well-manicured nails. This man attach importance to the details

Personal Style
Brian Molko is answering essential fashion questions

Favourite piece of clothing? 
- These adidas sneakers of Yohji Yamamoto. those are the best sneakers I ever had! I ordered 5 more pairs of them just a while ago.

Accessories, you can't live without? 
- None in particular

Fashion labels of your heart? 
- Agnes B and DIOR!

Favourite perfume? 
- "Fragile" of Jean Paul Gaultier. I always war women perfume. Women find that quite attractive, cause they feel more safe. But no one is safe from me!

Your fashion obsession? 
- Black. Even when it's no real obsession.

What do you dislike on yourself? 
- (Is lifting his arm, rather damp. and it's just 12 o'clock.)