Evening Express "Placebo keeping spontaneous spark alive with Aberdeen show", Feb'15


DESPITE 20 years of performing, Placebo front-man Brian Molko insists the danger and spontaneity that drive the band remain.

Born in Brussels, but raised in Dundee, for Molko that edge is fuelled by a fear of stagnation on stage as well as on record.

Placebo play The Music Hall on Tuesday as part of a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the band’s eponymous debut album.

Molko, 42, said: “Although we have been touring for the last 18 months we never get blase about shows."

“We understand how much this show means to the people in Aberdeen who have paid good money to come out and see us."

“They deserve the best that we can give on that particular night."

“We tend not to over rehearse so that there is that spontaneity and danger within the performance."

“We need that danger when you play."

“That spontaneity and danger is also partly fuelled by nerves as I am still always a touch insecure, or a touch afraid, of making mistakes live, which are inevitable."

“If I was supremely confident every time I walked onto the stage you would get a different kind of show from me and one that probably wouldn’t be so emotional."

“We are trying to get that emotional connection with the audience.”

Formed in London in 1994, Placebo released their debut 18 months later.

It included the breakthrough hit single Nancy Boy which peaked at number four in the charts.

Throughout 2015 Placebo will re-release their entire seven album back catalogue.

Molko said: “I am very humbled by how much our band means to people and extremely grateful."

“We are in a very privileged position that we have touched people’s lives.”

For Molko, playing Scotland marks a partial homecoming, as he grew up in Dundee as well as Brussels and Lebanon.

Placebo have given Dundee band The Mirror Trap a platform by taking them on the tour as opening act.

He said: “Scotland holds extra significance for me as I am half Dundonian."

“Having spent so much time during my childhood in Dundee coming to Scotland is always a bit like coming home."

“There is a Scottish theme running through our tour as we have a Dundee band opening for us called The Mirror Trap."

“They toured Russia with us last summer."

“I saw them about a year-and-a-half ago in a tiny club in Dundee."

“It has been an absolute joy to watch them grow since that gig."

“There are not many opportunities for guys in their 20s in Dundee who are trying to make it in an industry that has become much more cut-throat and difficult to get exposure in."

“We are delighted to take The Mirror Trap under our wing.”

Source: eveningexpress