Soundwave 2014 "In the Ring", Dec'13


Soundwave Festival: FANS – Note our first topic is the band’s appearance at Soundwave’ - whilst we get acquainted with Steve, start sending the questions in NOW so we have a good pile to start with! Hold your questions on other topics for now.

Soundwave Festival: Hi Steve, Welcome to IN THE RING with Soundwave
Let me just blast the networks to let people know you are online before we get started

Steve: Hello everyone

Steve: Well its morning over here for me

Soundwave Festival: Hello Soundwave Festival Fans!
Thanks for joining us on your Tuesday evening
Welcome to Soundwave’s IN THE RING chat series

Steve: bring it on

Comment From Tania
Today is a good day:)

Steve: today is a damn good day

Steve: song of the day - Get free - The vines

Soundwave Festival: Steve….how’s it going?!? We’re chatting with you in Norway if I’m not mistaken? Or in transit to a show in Norway later tonight? How’s the LOUD LIKE LOVE tour treating you over there?

Steve: Yes, I'm in Oslo at the mo

Soundwave Festival: Excellent, well thanks for taking the time out to talk with Soundwave fans!

Steve: my pleasure mate

Comment From Sebastian Betten
What will the setlist for Soundwave look like?

Comment From Mikhaela
Any plans for the set list? Is it going to be mainly songs from the new album or a mix of old and new?

Steve: Well being as it's a rock n roll festival, it will consist mainly of our heavier and more upbeat tunes
a good mix of all 7 records I'm sure

Comment From Alice Astrayxheart
any band's your excited to tour with at Soundwave?

Steve: too many to count
glass jaw,still little fingers, eagles, rob zombie, stp, alice in chains, green day, alkaline trio,
the list really goes on and on

Comment From JuzyBatt
Hey Steve - Are you excited to be playing Soundwave again and coming back to Australia?

Steve: I loved oz last time i was there and have been looking forward to this since we left

Comment From Alex English
At festivals, do you guys like to wander through the crowds to see bands from the crowd’s point of view, to experience a festival as a fan and a famous band? Are you able to? Do you get recognised often?

Steve: oh all the time...

Steve: if i get recognised, then we just watch the gig together

Comment From Kat Price
hehe I can vouch for that, I bumped into Steve at the last Adelaide SW Placebo preformed in :)

Steve: hehe good times

Comment From Kat Price
What city are you looking forward to visiting most while in Aus?

Steve: all of them really, but mostly looking forward to getting some surf in

Comment From Ben
Will you guys possibly do signings/a meet and greet?

Steve: I'm sure we will, nothing planned as of yet

Comment From Lily Kiskonen
whats your favorit food or meal.. do you follow a diet whilst touring, and do you get plenty of rest between venue,s cause knowing some days you could be in a differant city within a night

Steve: i try to get as much meat and veg in me as i possibly can (no pun intended)
and keep in the gym

Comment From LaurenxEstelle
If you do a meet and greet, can I show you my Placebo tattoos?? :)

Steve: sure thing

Comment From Alice Keith
What is your favourite part of coming to Australia?

Steve: all of it really. The vibe of the place, the people, the fookin gigs!

Comment From MissSpookiness9
Loved seeing you when you were in Oz last time...Look forward to seeing you play in Melbourne :)

Steve: thanks for that x

Comment From Tania
do u ever feel feel down during the tour...coz u always look so fresh and energetic?:))

Steve: course i do, but when I'm on stage its time to rock, and you make sure that happens regardless of how run down you may be that day. music is the more important thing

Comment From Karen Dekker
hi steve was just wondering if you guys were doing any other shows while you are here in australia besides soundwave?

Steve: yeah we will be, but not sure where or when yet

Comment From PlaceboFWW
It's good to see how much you care for the fans. Youre very patient

Steve: my mum and dad raised me as such

Comment From Celia Espadas
which Loud Like Love song do you think the crowd at Soundwave Festival will enjoy the most? x

Steve: probably the title track or Purify

Comment From Sebastian Betten
Can't wait to sing WE ARE LOUD LIKE LOVE with the crowd!

Steve: hah, me neither mate

Comment From Kat Price
What Placebo song that will be on the SW setlist do you feel you most connect with as a musician and Placebo fan?

Steve: good question...
im not sure how to answer properly, but there are moments on stage where you just lift out of your body, and i don't think theres ever really just one song that does that to you.
although meds does make me go nuts

Comment From Michael Shiailis
exit wounds for sure!!

Steve: hehe yeah tune

Comment From Chiara
yeah, meds is a magical moment in every placebo show

Steve: tru dat

Steve: glad you guys like it x

Soundwave Festival: Ok, LOUD LIKE LOVE. Let’s talk about it

Steve: It's a very good record

Soundwave Festival: very good? You're being modest!

Comment From Frogstomping
What was your initial reaction to Loud Like Love being leaked on the internet before release?

Steve: well it was not ideal

Steve: but what are you going to do? people now days have such an overdeveloped sense of entitlement, so they think music should be free for all at anytime. Shame really, but as long as they come to the shows i guess...

Comment From JuzyBatt
What song off the album has had the most reaction live?

Steve: not sure yet, still testing the waters on LLL ;)

Comment From Nicky
How was LOUD LIKE LOVE different to recording than your previous records?

Steve: it was like ringing out a sponge full of water. we drained our minds/bodies/souls to get this thing written, and really dug deep in ourselves to get the best possible results

Steve: hehe love you guys cheers

Comment From Ben
I really enjoyed the LLL Tv show you guys did. Do you think you'll do more things of a similar vein in the future?

Steve: i hope so. it was great experience, and id love to be in there doing more of the same

Comment From zajonc69
what was the hardest part of recordings? are you an author of any music/lyrics?

Steve: it was challenging myself to look beyond the classic methods of making an album. i.e, get used to working with electronics which i don't do very often as a purest
i don't write any of the lyrics, but music you betchia

Comment From LaurenxEstelle
When writing for LLL, which was the first song you guys decided was definitely going on the record?

Steve: the song LLL itself. it was one of the first ones we wrote, and it was then we knew we had a record on our hands

Comment From Brodie lee
Was the cover design on LLL a band effort?? I think i fell in love with the album after just viewing the cover :)

Steve: sortove, we all threw in ideas of what we wanted to go for, i.e. space rock etc…
and then all chose out favourites

Comment From Britt Williams
Given how concise the album is, how many demos were scrapped?

Steve: haha not many actually, we wrote just a little over what we used. maybe two or three tracks didn't make it this time
on BFTS there were more like 8 or so left over

Comment From MonikaNogaj1
With which song from "Loud Like Love" you most identify with?

Steve: once again LLL i think will take the cake on this one. I believe that one is my heart, and you can hear it. or at least i can haha

Comment From Alex English
Are there going to be more singles/music videos?

Steve: of course, just haven't had that meeting yet

Comment From Annette TwitchStrych
I like the alternative video album btw, nice idea!

Steve: cheers for that, a great way to check out some local talent round the world

Comment From Alice Astrayxheart
how did you guy's come up with the idea of the MV for Too Many Friends? (it is very interesting) ;)

Steve: we didn't really, that was the director samman who was an absolute genius

Comment From Rachael_Ellen
Is there any song on LLL that you'd want to do an acoustic version of?

Steve: mmmm…. not sure, maybe bosco

Comment From placebopoland
When can we expect next single from new album and do you already know which song it will be?

Steve: no not yet. It will be well thought out and discussed though.

Comment From M
which song from LLL album you won't play live?

Steve: probably bosco as it will take a large number of string players to recreate

Comment From Rachael_Ellen
Bosco would be amazing acoustic. Tears tears tears...

Steve: thank you. it made our jaws drop as well when stef first played it to us

Comment From Jo
What is the overarching theme and message of LLL the album?

Steve: i think love

Comment From Tania
Bosco is named after book character right?

Steve: hehe the stories to where that name came from will continue to change just as the years go by...

Comment From Jean-Luke Darcy
How much of LLL is autobiographical?

Steve: id say lyricly a lot, but really that's brian's department

Comment From Libby Mckee
Who came up with the idea of #LLLTV ? Great concept and stream by the way :)

Steve: once again, that was not by our hands, but by our fantastic mangement team
they put so much hard work into making that happen

Comment From Celia Espadas López
you are a really amazing drummer so i'd love to know this, which song off Loud Like Love are you most proud of?

Steve: wow tough one...
i guess purify maybe
im really proud of the whole thing, but that one, yeah fookin rock the shite out of it
sorry for language

Soundwave Festival: No, not at all. Use as much as you like

Steve: haha fucking breilliant then

Comment From zajonc69
Is there anything on the album that you would like to do better today? How often are you listening your own records?

Steve: after a long tour, the album you're playing is oftewn the way you wished you had recorded it
but thats the beauty of live i guess

Comment From placebopoland
are all videos going to be the same style? TMF director once wrote that it's going to be a trilogy

Steve: We'll see, it all depends on which song we use, availability etc...
I'd personally love to work with him again, but maybe have a bit more of the band in the video the next time around

Comment From HangOn_To_My_IQ
Man, how long is the Loud Like Love tour going to last?

Steve: next 16 months of my life i reckon
who knows really

Comment From Lily Kiskonen
after the songs had been written for LLL, how dose the music get composed to them,,dose it come when writing the song or as you rehearse them.

Steve: we just write them one by one, all ideas come from my and my boys jammming
its great what little moments can happen when you least expect them to in a song
happy accidents we call em

Comment From Dee
Will you return to OZ for a solo tour with LLL ?

Steve: dunno, i sure hope so

Comment From dd
Are there any musicians or songs (or other art) you can cite as a direct influence on LLL?

Steve: no i cant really, LLL was from our minds and we ditched anything that we felt ressembled something that had already been done by us or anyone for that matter

Comment From Kat Price
how would you describe LLL in one word?

Steve: Boom

Comment From Rachael_Ellen
A solo tour would be amazing (sorry soundwave but its been TOO LONG)

Steve: hehe well if we get the right invitation im sure it'll happen ;)
but no promises

Comment From Celia Espadas%20López
speaking about influences, do you think LLL is/will be an inspiration for other musicians?

Steve: i sure hope so
would be big coppliment

Comment From Rachael_Ellen
Which band member has the most unusual quirk when touring and what is it?

Steve: haha we're not that nuts really
we try to eat healthy, get sleep, and stay fit

Comment From Jo
What do you enjoy most about touring? How does the LLL tour thus far compare to BFTS tour?

Steve: i think for me, its a lot better because im now 6 years older, and a bit wiser, so for me, its a much more comfortable ride and less new/scary

Comment From Dee
What do you prefer playing... Festivals or the more intimate gigs?

Steve: i love the gigs of course
both really
depends on what day it is ;)

Comment From Ben
Steve I love your other stuff with Planes. Do you think you'll get a chance to tour that at some stage. (I.E. Australia)

Steve: Thank you :) I sure hope so, we're releasing a new EP in 2014, so we'll see what the interest is x

Comment From Jayden
What is the most embaressing thing to ever happen on stage?

Steve: someone not being plugged in
i fucked up note
or fill hah

Comment From Tania
what do u love to do when u have day off?

Steve: love to explore the city and meet some local yokals
or play in the water if there is some

Comment From Libby Mckee
What was going through your mind when they (The placebo team )first wanted you to join them on the making of BFTS?

Steve: i think "I've made it out of the muck, and now have a second chance. Don;t fuck it up" or something like it was going through my mind.
pure joy

Comment From Kara Varker
Ever have or thought about playing some of the B sides live? If so, which ones?

Steve: theres 1,000,000 songs i dream of plauying live
doesnt mean it'll ever happen though haha ;)
it all depends on which ones my boys are happy playing

Comment From Rachael_Ellen
Does Brian still pick on you like he did when you first joined (playfully of course)

Steve: haha he really only did that for the cameras, but nah not really. We all take the piss of course, but still see eacother quite respecfully as equals. x

Comment From Kara Varker
Steve, who is your biggest drumming influences?

Steve: wow well in all actuality it would have been:
Tavis Barker
the cool, abe from deftones, dino from dredg
and chris from death cab for cutie for sure. i just loved these guys

Comment From MissSpookiness9
do you have a favourite tour moment/memory?

Steve: i have a few good memories
but hard to pick my fav.

Steve: sorry about my bad typing everyone. i get excited and am a bit shit on a computer

Steve: not at all funny enough...

Comment From Frogstomping
Was Placebo a band you were a big fan of when you were a teenager?

Steve: i didn't hear them until 2006 when i opened up for them.

Steve: heh cheers, i guess you can say I'm a big fan now

Comment From Tania
i think Placebo did the perfect thing when they picked u:))

Steve: I love what i do, and i think that whatever it is you're into, just make sure you put your heart and belly into it and make it the best damn thing ou can
know what i mean?

Comment From Kat Price
As an individual what do you feel is your strongest influence? Spirituality, music, family, etc

Steve: all of the above darlin

Comment From MissSpookiness9
Are there any bands that you would like to see live but haven't had the chance to yet?

Steve: oh yeah, radiohead, tame impala, and cold war kids
id love to see the walkmen again, they're one of my favourite bands of all time

Soundwave Festival: Aussie represent!

Steve: hell yes tame impala
weren't ACDC aussies?

Soundwave Festival: Yeah we claimed them!

Steve: heh nice

Comment From Annette TwitchStrych
do you have a lot of parties while touring? :)

Steve: hehe when i can yeah, i love a good party

Comment From Kat Price
Have you checked out much of the Aussie alt prog rock scene, thoughts? Or any fave Aus bands?

Steve: not really, but I'm always falling in love with new music
just yesterday i fell in love with Beach Fossils

Comment From Lily Kiskonen
where would you call home now that your always on the road touring. you family and friends must miss you , yet they would be very proud of your success

Steve: i suppose the uk is my home now, however I'm still a cali boy, and always will be. sure me and my family miss one another, but thats one of the sacrifices you sometimes have to make

Comment From LaurenxEstelle
what's one essential you must have while on tour? (apart from your drumset haha) x

Steve: heh i guess that would be my guitar
I'm always writing music and would be lost in boredom without it

Comment From Rachael_Ellen
Do you ever visit Placebo Fans Worldwide and have a looksie at fan opinions on things?

Steve: not really, i leave that stuff to the fans
its never good to start reading that stuff, i think its good to just do your thing and not really look too deep into what people are saying about it so as to keep in a good head space

Comment From 19birdie77
what do you like the most about living in Europe?

Steve: spain i guess ;)

Comment From BuffaloHo
favourite country to tour/ wildest crowds? :D

Steve: haha another hard one. we get a lot of love from a lot of the world and we are very grateful for that

Soundwave Festival: Ding Ding Ding!
That’s the dreaded bell! And an unfortunate indicator that we have to wrap things up here on IN THE RING.
Steve – great chat! Thanks so much!
We understand the demands of the road make this type of thing difficult, so on behalf of all of PLACEBO fans that have joined you today and from us the Soundwave Team, let us tell you it’s been an absolute pleasure and we’re honored to have shared it with you! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to hang out with us. Do you have any last words for the fans?

Steve: It's been wicked hanging and chatting with you guys today. I can't wait to get there in Feb, and hope you all can come along for the ride. Thank you for your questions and i hope I've answered well. take care in the meantime