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Jan/Feb 2012

Perkusista > Steve Forrest interview (in Polish, Scans)

July 2012

Front Magazine > Life in Ink: Steve Forrest (in English, Scans)

Virgin > Fiona Brice talks “The Separate” (in English)

August 2012

September 2012

Time Out > Интервью со Стэфаном (in Russian)

Afisha > Интервью со Стэфаном (in Russian)

Open.ua > Интервью со Стивом (in Russian)

Коммерсантъ > Гитары с человеческим лицом (in Russian)

Коммерсантъ > Гулкая чувственность (in Russian)

Sound & Vision Magazine > Castello Scaligero - Villafranca VR (in Italian, Scans)

October 2012

Visions > Alles ist erlaubt (in German & Russian, Scans)

High Rotation > Fiona Brice Interview (in English)

Kurier > Molko: In Sinnkrise den Buddhismus studiert (in German) >> in Russian

Plugged > Battle for the fun (in French & Russian, Scans)

Sous Style > Steve In London (in English, Photos)

December 2012

Placeboworld > Brian Molko's letter to fans (in English)