Yellow "Interview with Steve Forrest", Sep'10


Translation by freckle

Placebo, Placebo, Placebo… Even mentioning their name makes me shudder with excitement.
I’ve been listening to their music for 10 years and now - counted days before their third concert in Bulgaria,I managed to get an interview from the world-famous British trio.

At the age of 23 is completely normal to play in one of the most successful bands of the last decade.Or no,maybe not.However that is the case with the Californian drummer -Steve Forest.

Steve’s been playing in the American Alternative Rock Band – Evaline for 5 years,who supported Placebo on their tour and when Steve Hewiit (Placebo’s drummer of many years) leaves the band in October 2007,the vocalist – Brian Molko suggests Forest to become a part of the band…and the rest is a story.

Really,it was a great surprise to me when instead of the hypnotic and slightly depressive voice of Brian,with whom I had to talk,I heard the cheerful “Hello!” of Steve.

I had to think out and change some of the questions and here’s what Steve confided about what inspired them for their latest album,what they miss while they are on tour and what their Bulgarian fans should expect on the 13th September.

Hello Steve,how are you?
I’m fine,thank you.What about you?

I’m fine too,thanks.Let’s start with a few questions about your last album.Its title “Battle For The Sun” sounds a lot more positive compared to the others…What’s its message?
The message,in my point of view,is to find the courage to change and go ahead.To change something in your life,which you don’t want anymore,to start something new,to replace curtain views and ideals in which you don’t believe that strongly anymore,to change the sound – to change as a whole.
I think,that’s the purpose – to be ready to change when you feel that it’s necessary.At least I feel it this way.

What was your inspiration for Battle For Sun? – musically,emotionally,spiritually?
Emotionally and spiritually – we got inspiration from everything around us – what was happening every day,what surrounded us – that’s it.
And musically – we are inspired from so many and different bands.From soft folk,rock to classic music which gave us great ideas for different arrangements which was fantastic.
We got inspirited from life,motivation came by itself.

If you have to describe the album with only one emotion what will it be? Or maybe not only one…

And one more question about the album – according to you,which drink will suit Battle For The Sun the best?
(Laughs)Haha,funny….well,I would drink yucky with coke while I’m listening to it.

Recently there has been released a compilation of the covers Placebo‘ve recorded during the years.What is your favourite cover?
Hmm,lately we’re doing a cover of a Nirvana song,which I personally love.But it has to be a song that we’ve recorded,right? Hardly wait,I think.I love this track so much,it’s included on a B-side.We did it a few months ago and it’s amazing.
It turned out to be an awesome cover.Brian’s voice fits so well.If you have a chance,you should check it out,it’s brilliant.

I sure will.Do you plan to make more covers in the future?
Yes,no…not really.I mean,we don’t plan it,we just hear some song and say: “Oh,it’s awesome,let’s cover it”.We record covers because we need more songs for the B-sides.But it’s total fun.Everyone does it,there’s no musician,who has never done any covers.Yeah,it’s always fun.

What do you miss the most while you’re on tour with the band?
To be fully honest – I miss my girlfriend the most.What do you miss?!...You miss your normal daily life,you miss cooking for yourself,going out with your best mates for a drink,you miss the people you love.

What music do you listen to lately?If you have time to listen to any music at all?
Oh,it’s not only one thing,because I listen to music all day,all the time.I listen to music while I’m taking a shower,while I’m cooking,eating,walking on the street.I listen to music when I’m backstage,even when I’m on stage with the boys,before I go to sleep.All the time.
Maybe I spend at least half of my money per month on music- which really means a lot of music.
The style varies – from classic to anything you can think of.
Lately,I’ve been listening to the new album of Arcade Fire a lot.It’s wonderful.I love also electronic music…But number one for me at the moment is Arcade Fire – the album “The Suburbs” – excellent record.This is the album of the year.Really!

This will be the third Placebo concert in Bulgaria,for you the first one.Would you say something to your Bulgarian fans who will come on the 13 Sept in Sofia.What to expect?
I would tell them,that we’ll come and make an awesome show and have a lot of fun.
What’s important for a concert are the people – the people make the concert special,So I would tell them to come and dance as if no one is looking at them,to sing like no one is listening just to have fun.
For me personally,this is going to be the first time in Bulgaria and I’ll be glad to meet the Bulgarian audience.I’m sure the concert will be awesome and all together will have a great time.

I’m sure it’ll.Thank you so much for this interview.See you soon at the gig.I’ll be there by all means.

Of course,how could I miss it!