Volume "Placebo im Interview - Londoner Lehrjahre", Jul'10


Translation by foxglove & sonarisa

In the introduction it says that it's an interview on the phone and they had to call him twelve times before he picked up the phone, because he was stuck in a supermarket standing in line.

V: Steve, your first year with placebo -- summarize.
Steve: You know, it was... (is still panting from the supermarket-stress) Somehow it feels like ten years. All of a sudden I played in front of 100.000 people. Then came the first gold record, the MTV award. I saw the world, met the coolest people, played with the greatest bands. Because of Placebo, my life has improved so much, you can't imagine. These are the best years of my life. The whole move to London, the new beginning here, together with my girlfriend. I'm finally really happy, something I never was before.

V: Keyword London: You're from Modesto, California. How did you experience the culture shock between Westcoast, USA and Great Britain?
Steve: It was hard at first. You don't know anybody, when you have to move to a foreign country, a foreign continent on such short notice. But I've settled in quickly, and somehow, England feels like home to me. When I go to California now, it takes me about two weeks until I've got enough. I think England's got into my blood now (laughs).

V: Last year Brian told me jokingly, he'd give you a probationary period of one year.
Steve: The baptism of fire! (laughs) But I've still got the job, so I must be doing it well. We've grown together, the chemistry between us has improved and now we're on a level where everything's right.

V: You're over ten years younger than Brian and Stefan, what do you talk about when you go to a pub?
Steve: We don't go out together often. We spend -- No, we're forced to spend so much time together anyway. But if we do go out for a beer, it's about the usual stuff: What's happening in the other's life, football, music. It's a big hobby in Placebo to really take the piss out of each other.

V: It feels like Placebo has been on tour for about a hundred years, without a break. You haven't been in the band a long time, but does one lose the motivation during such a monster tour sometimes?
Steve: Yes, really often, actually. It's like any other job, when you wake up in the morning, and you don't want to go to work. But that mood won't last long. And it's not so much the touring that's tiring, as it's things like this interview right now...

V: ...want me to hang up?
Steve: (laughs) You know what I mean. Promo and all that to-do. But as soon as I'm on stage, it's all gone. The adrenaline comes and KICK! Here we go! The magic of a gig can save the shittiest day. There's no feeling like that.

V: What was the craziest moment on tour so far?
Steve: I wouldn't call it crazy, but when Brian lost consciousness on stage in Japan last year, that was a... um, an interesting experience. But I liked meeting Slash.

V: Oh, I had the pleasure as well, Great personality, don’t you think?
Steve: damn, you probably talked to him! He unfortunately just asked me for a lighter and I felt like a teenager. But heres a story about kidding: Brian, Stefan and our Manager played a silly trick on me in Paris. That doesn’t sound like rock’n roll, but I suffered really. When I checked in the hotel I was told that there was a ghost in my hotelroom. I’am very prone to this, you know? And whenever I was not in the room, they moved the furniture around. The whole day. I got really scared and want to change the hotel. Brian told me at last and was rolling on floor, laughing.

V: Do you have a weired habit of your own, when you're on tour?
Steve: I don't know, I suppose many would call that strange somehow. But I lock myself into the toilet before a gig for about ten minutes.It's my quiet place, where I can collect myself. You can't be alone anywhere else. And I have to watch some stand-up-comedian-DVD's before a gig, that get's me into the perfect mood to go out there and rock. Don't ask me why, it's part of the ritual.

V: Sorry, but, Stefan is almost 2 m tall and you're rather not. Does the Swede is kidding you every now and then, because you reach just his nipples in height?
Steve (laughs): never, Stef and I often hug us and he has to bend down. But it's getting funny, whenever little Brian and little Steve hug him altogether, haha.

V: Thank you. Keep on drumming and see you in September in Austria!