"Brian Molko: 'Sun makes you greeks feel'", Aug'10

29 August 2010
by Sakis Dimitrakopoulos

Translation by vic

Placebo's mastermind talks in "Vima" about the course and the changes of the adored, in our country, british band.

"Placebo"'s case is quite impressive. An overall punctual/dutiful band that is good but of not that big of a range in other countries, meets, in Greece, a success of a..super band. Since their first appearance in Rockwave Festival in 1999, their popularity has been constantly increasing. 

Adoration and hysteria/frenzy/delirium for the tiny frontman, guitarist and singer of the band Brian Molko, who has managed to become a subject of discussions within the british music press since the beginning of his career in the midst of 90's, with both the lyrics of his songs (<<Nancy Boy>>), as well as the androgynous style which he launched.

Collaborations with their mentor David Bowie and the follow-up is all the more interesting with even greater hits (<<Taste In Men>>, <<Slave To The Wage>>, <<Special K>>). 

Their new appearance in Athens and Thessaloniki is performed in the sphere of their worldwide tour for their new album <<Battle For The Sun>>. Brian Molko with his familiar/typical style/vein and humour talked in "Sunday Vima" before his new visit to our country.

- Why is it that you are so popular here in Greece, do you think?
The truth is, that even though we are Northern, we have a great success in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Latin America., all of them being countries of passion and warm climate. Maybe cause our music is passionate and honest and full of emotions, and that is getting across by people who live with the sun every day and have learnt to feel and express themselves. 

- Is this love (greek people have for your music) mutual?
To us, greek audience is unique, enthusiastic/passionate and generous, and this is something that was clear with our very first time in Greece. We love it just as much, and we have lots of friends in Greece.

- I've been wondering what is the reason why a band like Placebo keeps recording after such a great success?
The main reason why we keep doing it is, cause we have nothing else to do. I don't know how to drive so i can't be a taxi-driver, i'm not really good at programming/computers..I'm basically unskilled,really. What i know well is to play the guitar and write songs. Stefan is the same. We've thought, at some points, to leave it all behind. But we have no other choice. What the hell am I supposed to do in my life? I open my mouth and describe my feelings in all honesty and this, apparently, is getting clear by the audience..and that's magical. It's a matter of honesty to manage to speak in the heart of so many people. Besides, i don't have the slightest intention, as several hip-hop artists do, to have a career in the cinema at the same time. Or to be a judge in one of those fucking stupid t.v. shows. I'm only doing this cause i have nothing else to do, and i'm also doing it so that i won't go completely mad.

- Sexuality used to be a main subject of the band during the first time, but not anymore. What has changed?
It was a political move of us during the 90's. A sign to everyone who felt different and was afraid to admit it. We would tell them that there's no reason for them to hide. And it wasn't just about sexuality. You know, there are a lot more people of a 'wrong' body compared to the people that meet the Hollywood standards. Not everyone is like Angelina Jolie, and not everyone can be like her. We would talk about anyone that was an outcast/marginal, maybe because we felt we were like this ourselves as well. After all, music has never met any norms/forms. I think that, with this move of us in 1990, we encouraged bands such as Gossip with Beth Ditto to be able to find their own word and stand out there.

- Didn't you feel a part of the outbreak that took place in Britain in the midst of the 90's?
Not at all. Crappy bands like Oasis, football homophobic music, bosh/nonsense about british pop and a whole bunch of other crap..Well let's see which the true roots of rock n' roll are. Look at Little Richard or Elvis Presley. Talking about 2 heterosexual people whose figure created a sensation with/due to its difference. Richard, a black guy that would put on tons of make-up and talk about shaggings in the 50's. This is the background of rock music, of these artists and of David Bowie and Iggy Pop who passed the baton later on.

- In the course you changed,though..
If you mean that we stopped wearing dresses then yes, we did stop, because all of a sudden aesthetics/style became the main subject/centre of attention and music came second. We had to get music back in the scene.

- Do you still think you are sexier than God?
Have I ever said that?

-To me personally, yes. Twelve years ago.
I must have been really high. (laughs)

- You told me that you were sexier cause you were a lot less hairy.
I was definitely high, then! I'm definitely sexier than Oasis, though.

- Why is it that the british press was hostile to you from a certain point and then on?
This is probably kind of my fault,too, cause i was pretty arrogant and naive in the past, when i was younger. However, this is a must-combination if you want to survive in the beginning of your career.

- What do you think of music stuff nowadays? Do you think they are as interesting as in the past?
I think that they are just as interesting, and also boring sometimes, as always. Always have there been, and always will be, good and bad artists, good and bad albums.

- How do you manage your life, being a rockstar and a father of a little child?
It's a matter of priority. When you have kids, priorities change and you have to realise that in due course.

Placebo are performing in Thessaloniki, Earth Theatre in Friday 10th of September, and in Athens, TerraVibe Park in Saturday 11th of September.