Tattoo Planet "Steve Forrest", Feb'10

Translation by TwistedKaraoke

The preface thingie:
A lot of people know the saying: ‘dreams don’t come true’. Yet this doesn’t apply to everyone. An example of this is the freshly recruited Placebo drummer. Steve Forrest met the band a few years ago with his band Evaline. During that tour the twenty-three-year-old drummer had already announced he would leave them, even though Placebo was not in the picture yet.

2nd page:
(…) will have a question mark. But I’m not taking it that far!” Steve laughs.

Apart from a portrait of Bob Saget, Steve also has a portrait of Elvis Presley on his arm. “I’m from a very musical family. For all the people in my family, music was actually expressed by Elvis. That man could do what others couldn’t. When my grandmother died, it seemed like a suitable moment to get the tattoo. As a tribute to my grandmother, but also as a symbol of music. Actually, I have two: there’s another one in my neck.” Yet, the Elvis portrait on Steve’s arm is not done yet. At the moment he was getting the tattoo, Steve wasn’t feeling very well. That’s why it was never finished, he has been waiting for the finishing of it for a year now. “Though it should happen very soon now, I’ll see him in a few weeks and then we’ll finish this, it just has to happen!”

Every tattoo has a special meaning to Steve, they are all special. Every tattoo was done by a friend of Steve. “It feels good to have something of my friends with me.” Steve also tries to keep apart the colored tattoos from the black/grey ones. Therefore, on his one arm, there are only black and grey tattoos. “The rest of my body can be covered in colored tattoos. I love color. Actually, I just love tattoos. But I’ll never cover all of my neck and my hands.” Less than ten seconds later, he seems to have changed his mind. “I might do it, if I’m all covered and that’s all the place I have left, I’ll have no choice!” The next thing Steve wants to have done is the finishing of the Elvis tattoo, and after that, his legs. When all of that is finished, he’ll start with his back, the only place that is still completely blank. Steve wants to change that as soon as possible.