RPP "Placebo: Nos gustaría visitar Machu Picchu", Apr'10

April 4, 2010

Translation by LaraVictoryMolko

The singer of Placebo, Brian Molko, revealed that he is very exciting towards her first time in Lima and add that he is going to held a concert plenty of energy, in which the main songs will be from Battle From The Sun, also title of her current tour, but also he will play lot of their classics.

Molko added that he has an interest on visiting Machu Pichu in his tour around Peru, and that he is sure that he will find the same special connection in Lima just as it had occurred in others Sudamerican countries. Finally he revealed that this 20 of April in Estadio Monumental, Explanada Sur, something special will be happening in Peru.

What are your expectatives for the Lima concert?

- We are very exciting for being in Peru because it's really important for us to rock for first time in a country, besides it is a far away destination and it has a different language.

We know that Placebo had been before in Sudamerica, how was that experience?

- Every time we had been in Sudamerica we felt a special connection with its people, which is essencial for a concert. Music is art and I like to make the comparison between an art exposed in a museum and the moment in which the audience get closer to the song and interprets it in the way they feel.

How you consider the Sudamerican audience is?

- The Sudamerican audience transmits an energy that has no comparison. They sing our songs tough not everyone knows the language, which make it more valuable for us.

What references have you got from Peru? Maybe cultural, musical or gastronomical?

- The first time I've ever heard about Peru was when I was a little child and they sent me a Paddington Teddy Bear, which according to the story it comes from Peru, so I have feelings for this country since then. Of course I know the history and cultural importance of Peru. We like to visit historical places in the countries we visit, we'd really have loved to visit Machu Pichu, but it is said it's closed.

In your latests shows Placebo based the setlist in Battle For The Sun, is there any posibility of including classics from Placebo such as Pure Morning or Every You, Every me in Lima?

- In this tour we are presenting our lastest CD, Battle For The Sun, but we don't tear apart songs that we had made years ago, such as Every You, Every Me, Bitter End, Special Needs and so on. Definetively there are some songs we don't play anymore because we don't feel the same connection with them that we used to feel before. If it were a money issue, we will be playing all the time the same songs and the most known, but what motivates us is a need to transmit the public everything we are feeling today.

Recently Placebo had a change in its formation and now you have a new drummer, in which way this fact affected your music?

- It affected us so much, positively. First because when our old drummer left the band, Stefan and I agreed that this has to continue, so we decided to hire someone who fit with us and without doubt this person was Steve Forrest, who had participated as a drummer in a band which opened our show in a past tour. Also, we found in him a strong personality, as we like, so we have with us in Europe a Californian King.

Are you going to play any cover in Sudamerica tour?

- In this opportunity we are not making any covers, the last one we did was Running Up That Hill. Instead what we are preparing now are special arrengements for some of our songs, in order to present them more accordely to our feelings towards the music nowadays.

Recently Placebo did a show for 300 fans, did you miss doing more private concerts?

- It was an excelent experience. Many bands are afraid of doing a show in small stages, because in a way is more complicated as you have the audience closer. But actually that was what we were looking for, that sense of a private show with the audience, and we had a great time. But definetively we are to held big shows, we like to keep the feelings every spectator transmits, and the more we are, the better for us.

In Ashtray Heart, you include a spanish line which saids " Mi corazon de cenicero", how did you came to include it or in any case what did inspire you?

- I remember the story, a long time ago we went to Nicaragua, none of the band could speak Spanish and there nobody could speak English. So when we went to a place and I want to smoke, I asked for an ashtray and nobody could understand me until a waiter offered me one. The same happened to us so many times that my partners started to sing " Cenicero, Cenicero ", and years after we made the song.

Placebo is a band which has lyrics with deep messages and talks about actual problems such as drugs or depression. In which way has this messaged changed trough the years?

- The lyrics of our songs are a mirror of the modern society. Then we turned back this mirror in order to play the same songs from our point of view and personal experiencies. We don't choose the songs, their just make their way. They are the image of who we are: human beings that meets with our feelings, tragic but wonderful, romantic but sad at the same time.

Your band also give so much importance to official videos and they transmit many ideas and messages. How much important are the videos for you?

- We are musicians. But later they've asked us to make videos for marketing matters. So we decided to make videos but only if they allow us to use them as a piece of art, and that's what we tried to do in our videos-

What can Peruan audience expect from the concert you are going to held in Lima?

- We hope to give them the best of us, transmit everything we feel and fullfil our bodies with energy in order to make a big gig. Placebo music is being listened in many countries in where English is not the first language and that makes ourselves think that there must be a special connection, something in our music that makes this people sing with us and feel the same we are feeling, feel that this 20 of April in Peru something big is going to happen.

As it had been mentioned before, this famous english agrupation is now labeled as Rock Alternative Elite. After 16 years of a succesful career, Placebo will arrive in Lima in its better moment, after being top of Europe rankings and after launched their sixth album which was awarded in MTV.

Lima has been chosen as one of the cities where Placebo Tour is going to arrive, which includes dates this year in another countries such as Australia, Japan, UK and so on and others Sudamerican countries. This acclaimed concert will have as main stage Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental, a place in which only 10.000 persons could rock with one of the bests alternatives bands at present.