Rolling Stone "Interview with Steve Forrest", Sep'10

Елена Розберг

Translation by princesslea

Placebo will play again here in only two weeks - on 13 September at the Winter Sports Palace in Sofia. The band will arrive with his new album Battle for the Sun and new drummer Steve Forrest, the Californian sun joyned the dark European gang, we contacted him by telephone before the concert. Here's what he told us:

What is your contribution to the last album of Placebo Battle for the Sun?
Before I joined the band, Brian and Stef were invented many of the songs. In the initial version they were using a drum machine. The pieces were still very raw. I was supposed to write the drums part and give them dynamic and force, so they would be prepared directly for live performance. The songs "Battle for the Sun", "Speak In Tongues", "Bright Lights" we wrote together the three of us. Furthermore I feel that my main role in the group is to help to the good mood and to quell the tensions.

You sound like a very positive person. Maybe it is possible that the word "sun" in the title is representing your name?
Ha ha ha ... I do not know. In all cases it was not intentional.

Placebo will come for the third time in Bulgaria, but for you it will be the first concert here. Do you know anything about our country?
I do not know much, but until we come I'll learn things from Brian and Stef. Every time we travel to certain place that Ididn't visit before, they taught me lessons in history and geography. And tell me some stories that are experienced in the previous tours.

Much of your body is tattooed. Do you know how many are your tattoos?
Th eday before yesterday I got a new one btw. My left leg is all tattooed, chest and my arms also , as well as my necks is tattooed too. The only parts that still are not tattooed are my back and right leg.

What represents your tattooes?
Positive images and messages. I am very open and cheerful person. I have tattoos that state "MAMA" and "PAPA", symbols of my faith, and writtings such as "Rock and Roll" and others that show my love for music. I plan to tattoo my whole body, but will only do it in the name of love and art. I am a true hippie at heard. I want things to be done in the most beautiful way.

When you did your first tattoo?
My first tattoo was done when I turned 18. It was a huge one - from the armpit to my hip - huge face wiith signs and roses. My mother wept when she saw it.

What kind of music you listen to?
I like different things. I love the positive music the most. I listen to bands like Local Natives, Grizzly Bear, Death Cab for Cutie, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses. I love to play rock. I try to do (play) the classic of Led Zeppelin. I love hard and fast tracks. I like bands that make good music without being pretentious.

Are you in love? Do you have a girl friend in California?
I'm really deeply in love, but my girlfriend is in London. Recently we bougth us a house. She is also very busy person, but things between us are going really great/nice.

Do you have her name tattooed?
Ha ha ha! Nooooo! Never do that! The only names that you can tattoo, are of blood relatives, because otherwise you never know what may happen.

Translation by freckle

Placebo are going to play in Bulgaria again in 2 weeks only – 13 Sept in the Winter Palace of Sports in Sofia.The band comes with their new album Battle For The Sun and a new drummer Steve Forest - the sunny Californian in the dark European gang,with whom we talked on the phone.
That’s what he told us.

What’s your contribution to the last Placebo album?
Before I joined the band,Brian and Stef had already written most of the songs.In the initial versions they used drum-machine and the tracks were still quite raw.So I had to write the drum parts and my job was to give them dynamics and power,so they could be ready for the live shows.Battle For The Sun,Speak In Tongues,Bright Lights,we wrote them together.But besides,I feel that my main part in the band is to help for the good mood and distract the tension.

You seem like a very positive person.Don’t you think that the word “sun” in the title of the album stands exactly for your name?
Ha-ha-ha…I don’t know.In any case it’s not been on purpose.

Placebo come in Bulgaria for a third time already,but this’s going be your first concert here.Do you know anything about our country?
I don’t know a lot.But till then I’ll have learned many things from Brian and Stef.Every time we travel to a place I’ve never visited before,they teach me history and geography lessons * laughs * And tell me different stories from previous times they’ve been there.

Big part of your body is covered with tattoos.Do you have an idea how many are your tattoos?
By the way,I tried to count them the other day.My left leg,my chest and hands are all with tattoos,my neck too.The only free space on my body is my back and right leg.

What do you like to tattoo? 
Positive images and messages.I’m a very open and cheerful person.I’ve tattooed mum and dad’s names,symbols which show my believes,or inscriptions like “Long Live Rock 'n' Rolll”.I intent to get my whole body tattooed,but I’ll do it only in the name of love and art.
I’m a real hippie by nature.I want everything to happen in the most beautiful way.

When did you get your first tattoo?
When I turned 18,it was very big and spread for my armpit to my hip – a huge face with letters and roses.My mum burst into tears when she saw it.

What music do you listen to?
I like different kinds of music but I mostly enjoy positive music.I like bands like Local Natives, Grizzly Bear, Death Cab for Cutie, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses.I love playing rock.And I like heavy and fast songs and bands who make cool music,without being pretentious.

Are you in love? Do you have a girlfriend in California?
I’m really in love,in deed,but my girlfriend is in London.We both have bought a house recently.She’s quite busy,too but everything between us is going extremely well.

Have you got her name tattooed?
Ha-ha-ha! Nooooo! Never ever do that!The only names you should tattoo are the names of your blood relatives,cause you never know what’s going to happen.