"Sonisphere 2010: Placebo", Aug'10

01 August 2010

Rock Sound catches up with Placebo to talk all things festival and er… meat.

Talking about his Sonisphere performance Stefan admits that no matter how difficult a performance may be, it won't be as bad as opening for Metallica and being pelted with meat.

"I really don't think it gets any worse than supporting Metallica. The history of support band's for Metallica is one fraught with disaster and yes, we were pelted with meat. But playing Sonisphere this year alongside band's like Rammstein is much better. They're friends of ours and the fans are more forgiving. At this stage in our career we can handle whatever comes our way."

Even if that is flying meat.

"This year our plan is to go out there and rock it as hard as we can. We made the decision to do a lot of our older numbers alongside our new material, and we're hoping that will just mix it up enough to please the crowd."

Of the band's Redux Edition of sixth album 'Battle For The Sun,' he added:

"At the moment we are writing new material, but with 'Battle For The Sun' we're still playing those songs, and concentrate on the task at hand, which is the special edition."

Source: rocksound