Rockaxis "Placebo @ Movistar Arena", Apr'10

Translation by LaraVictoryMolko

Despite being a special show for the ones affected by the earthquake ( And besides the weird meeting with Piñera ), what happened yesterday in Movistar Arena was not for that fans who only listen Placebo on the radio neither for the ones who only follow their popularity. In fact, it was designed for the devoted Placebo fans who knows every record in detail, though that was not an impediment for the space of the gig being reduced to a half. Actually, the benefactory gig seemed to be not as attractive as it was expected to be in order to attract a huge amount or fans.

The gig was opened with the fire of Lucybell. Again, they were invited by Placebo to open their show, and they did it with a presentation which lasted for 30 minutes. They played their top hits such as " Viajar ", " Fe " and " Caballos de Histeria ". Claudio Valenzuela used this opportunity to thanks Placebo for inviting them and for the kindness to give all the money collected in the show to the damnificated people. In addition, the trio held an excelent and bright performance which only demostrated how good they actually are.

Punctual, at 9 PM, Placebo entered into the stage prepared to present some songs of their lastest production: " Battle For The Sun", such as " For What is Worth " or " Ashtray Heart" . The fact that this gig was the one which convocated the lowest number of people in Chile, was actually an advantage for those who were waiting for a closer connection with the band. What is more, in the fourth song " Soulmates Never Die ", the intimate relation that was never felt in Estacion Mapocho or San Carlos de Apoquindo, increased a lot. 

It's almost no sense to mention the impecable presentation of Placebo, they had never drag behind that. On this opportunity, they offered an attractive visual scene and a sound that never revealed any fault. On the other hand, it was clear that their new drummer Steve Forrest has a " bright " relationship with the other two members, in contrast to what happened in their last concert in chile where Molko almost did not smile, Hewitt was barely not being noticed and Oldsal was the one with the charge of encouraging the audience.
In spite of the fact that the vocalist only interacted with the audience once, with a correct Spanish and welcoming the fans as " Pendejos y pendejas ", the enthusiasm of the 5.000 spectators didn't fall, in fact, it increased with the classics " Every You, Every Me ", " Special K " and " The Bitter End ", after which they retired for a short lapse and then returned with 3 more songs. The emphasized tracks were " Infra - Red " and " Taste in Men ", one of the favourites of the audience. The five musicians gave everything on the stage but it was not barrier for the show being less than it was expected to be. 

After half an hour, Placebo finished their show in Chile, which was consider not the most successful neither the most enthusiastic. But at least, for the ones who had never lost sign of the whole career of the band, that was the nearbiest meeting they could ever had.