Plugged "Placebo", Nov'11

Translation by kathus

Placebo. Coming to an end?

After a first live DVD called “Soulmates never die” released in 2003, Placebo is releasing on November the 1st “We come in pieces” the DVD of a concert recorded at Brixton Academy in London in September 2010. “We wanted to record a concert in a smaller venue than the one on our previous DVD in Bercy. It is clear that Brixton is a concert hall full of memories for us. We used to go there often with Brian to see our favourite bands play before everything started for us” explains Stefan Olsdal the guitarist of the band. To bring satisfaction to their fan, the British band has also added to the live concert a documentary, “Coming up for air”, showing some backstage moments during their world tour and revealing some “good and bad days” ; a short-film including “Trigger Happy Hands” video clip and some extracts from 6 concerts done all over the world. The DVD is including in total 21 songs including hits such as “Bitter end”, “Nancy Boy”, EYEM”, “For what it’s worth”, “Infra Red”, “Taste in Men” and a cover of Nirvana “All apologies”. Still under the charm of their young drummer Steve Forrest, who is bringing a lot to the band and who is receiving a lot in return, Stefan confesses that ”this is why it is working”. Stefan explains that he enjoyed the tour despite the health problems faced by the singer Brian Molko which interrupted the series of concerts from time to time. However the band is still vague regarding their next record. Mentioning the writing of songs equivocally and refusing to comments extensively on future projects, the guitarist answered that: “it is too early to tell” when asked about a new opus. After 15 years of career and 143 concerts done in front of more than 2.5 million persons in 43 different countries during “BFTS Tour”, Placebo may need a break. Even more so when every members of the band is having solo projects e.g. Hotel Persona for Stefan Olsdal, who is already working on a “possible” second album and also on other projects/designs. Watched this space...