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About cooperation with different musicians.
I have worked with many different musicians, some famous, some totally unknown. I will always remember Placebo's manager phoning me and asking me whether I was available to go to Cambodia with the band to play at Angkor Wat! That was special. You don't get calls like that very often. I was walking through the snow near Tower Bridge, London, it was November and dark and miserable. Then one phone call and I was about to fly to Cambodia and perform onstage with Brian, Stef & Steve for the first time, and in a mystical, magical environment. Amazing. I also got a real buzz out of performing "Crazy in Love" with Beyonce at the Royal Albert Hall, London. That woman is the real thing. She is a whirlwind of talent onstage. I was convinced I was going to make a mistake because I couldn't take my eyes off of her! I have had some pretty unusual requests, for example, an advertising agency once asked me to play the violin whilst wearing roller skates for a video. Dangerous!

About the album "The Separate".
The album "The Separate" involves 12 well-known songs, mostly 80s pop songs, arranged solely for string quartet, with featured vocalists. The idea was to take these 'pop' songs to a different level, to explore them harmonically, to turn them inside out and see how a strong song can mature and withstand a totally different musical treatment. Highlights include Brian Molko singing a really dark version of "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys, and Mark Lanegan performing The Cure's "Close to Me". Both of these performances are incredible, I took the songs to their limits and I can't wait for everyone to hear them! Other vocalists include Joan as Policewoman, Ed Harcourt, Martha Wainwright, Patrick Wolf. It is taking ages to release this album because there are a lot of different people involved and no record company budget, but it will come.. soon...

About male company on tour.
Male company on tour is all I know, really. I've been touring for many years and it is usually in a male-dominated environment. I don't really think about it. Men say it's good to have a female on the tourbus because it stops everything degenerating to a base level!! But I actually prefer male company on the road because when it gets tough men address most situations with humour, whereas women have a tendency to be emotional or hysterical. I have shared a tourbus with 12 female string players before and I have to tell you was a fucking nightmare!!!!

About ShortsTV Film Festival and a mixture of videos during the concert.
I can't tell you much about the ShortsTV Festival because I wasn't involved in its organisation but Brian & Stefan handpicked the videos and the audiences have been enjoying them. I haven't seen all the films yet because we're backstage when they are being screened. Same with the video footage onstage - I know it looks great though, I love the live mixing of the gig footage with the filmed images, it's a fantastic show.

About Russia.
I have not visited Russia.. yet..!! But I hope to visit Moscow & St Petersburg. I know a little of the country's history and would love to experience life there now. I hear that you guys like to party hard, right?!

I recently did an interview with a Romanian blog site too, which has a little more info - READ

Best wishes for 2010 & I hope to visit Russia in the near future!