Living in Peru "Glam-rock band Placebo expresses interest in Peru's culture", Apr'10

April 9, 2010
by Isabel Guerra

Only a few days from their long-awaited concert in Lima, the members of glam-rock British band Placebo has expressed their interest in knowing more about Peru and its culture. 

"Arriving in a country to perform there for the first time is something that excites us very much, and this time is even more special because it's a place geographically so far away and with a different language. Something big will happen in Lima on April 20,”said lead singer Brian Molko, talking about the upcoming concert in Lima. 

“The first time I heard from Peru was during my childhood... Of course that I know about Peru's history and its cultural importance; we would like to visit Machu Picchu,” Molko continued. 

Placebo, that has just given a memorable concert in Santiago according to Chilean press, will perform in Lima on April 20th, at the Monumental Stadium Esplanade.

Source: livinginperu