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One of the most unforgettable things about her is how she concentrates on playing violin on stage and promoting a wonderful sound. What is more, her charming look definitely captivates.
Being an extremely talented musician, Fiona Brice is a busy person, but, as she said, not too busy to answer some questions. So it is such a pleasure that this super talented lady shares her thoughts with us.

Fiona, I‘m curious to know what musicians you have worked with earlier and are working now?
As a freelance writer and performer I have worked with a huge number of different artists. I have written string arrangements on over thirty albums to date and I have toured and recorded with many other bands. I have known Brian and Stefan for many years and they have seen me play with several different artists during my career, so I was flattered when they invited me to tour and be a little more involved with Placebo. Recently I’ve also loved working with John Grant. He has the most amazing voice. I wrote and recorded the strings for his debut solo album “Queen of Denmark” (Album of the Year 2010 - Mojo magazine). I also enjoy working with Patrick Wolf. His talent is under-rated. His new album “Lupercalia” comes out this month and I can’t wait to hear the finished tracks. It’s the second album we’ve worked on together. I’ve also recently completed string arrangements and recordings for Ed Laurie, Sandy Dillon and Thai songwriter and filmstar Krissada Terrence (from the band “Pru”). I work a lot!

Could you tell something about your new album ‘‘The Separate‘‘ which will be released this year? Will we hear only you playing solo or also collaborating with other artists?
“The Separate” is essentially a covers album: twelve well-known songs arranged for string quartet and featuring guest vocalists. Actually I don’t play violin on it at all! I conducted the quartet in the studio. But what is interesting about this album is that it showcases the rhythmic and emotional power of a string quartet, and also demonstrates that a song can be totally transformed when you change the instrumentation. The quartet IS the band. It is dark and filmic in places. I’m particularly pleased with “West End Girls” (Pet Shop Boys) sung by Brian Molko, and “Close to Me” (The Cure) sung by Mark Lanegan. Other guests include Martha Wainwright, Joan as Policewoman, Stephanie Dosen, Patrick Wolf, Ed Harcourt. This album should be available on iTunes this May.

Some words about your involvement in Placebo. I think you were like a fresh gust of wind for the band! How did you start working together?
As I said, I have known Brian and Stefan and also Steve (Hewitt) from the early days, we used to meet at gigs and parties in London. We have a lot of friends in common. Brian and I performed together very briefly on tour with “Trash Palace”, then Placebo approached me to write strings on the “Meds” album. After that I worked on Stefan’s “Hotel Persona” album and then they called me again for “Battle for the Sun”. It has been a gradual coming-together and it is great to write and tour with friends.

What are your feelings concerning the performance at Angkor Wat in Cambodia? If I understand well, it was your first live act with Placebo.
Yes this was my first live gig with Placebo. I was nervous but excited. We had rehearsed in London so I felt confident that I knew what I was doing, but it was a unique occasion and we all wanted to make it special. The gig was totally magical and unforgettable. It felt like every gig I had ever done, every TV show, every shitty club and big stadium, had somehow prepared me for that evening. Actually I think the Angkor Wat versions of the songs are really great and I’m happy it was filmed! Like with “The Separate”, this performance proves that if you have good enough songs you can change the arrangements and the line-up and they sound amazing all over again.

How do you feel after touring about 1,5 year? Are you missing anything from this Battle For The Sun tour?
I loved the tour and I miss my tour family! I miss Nick, I have no one to insult at breakfast now.

And the last question, can we expect you playing on the next Placebo’s album?
I hope to be involved! But let’s wait and see...

In conclusion to this cordial interview, I‘d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Fiona and also send her best regards to sunny Texas where she is staying now.

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