Junk Online "A quickie with Brian Molko", Mar'10


Placebo's all the office can talk about at this point and for good reason. Our writer Ana went for a brief interview with Brian Molko at his hotel this afternoon and got some quotes for you guys to chew on until the concert tonight. 

You’ve been sort of an inspiration to the kids over the years. How do you feel about Placebo inspiring kids?
Well inspiration is fine, but role model: no. Absolutely not. Parents are role models. We’re artists and we hold up a mirror to the world, we hold up a mirror to society and it’s not always pretty. But beauty does not necessarily equal truth so it doesn’t have to be pretty in order to be truthful. And that’s simply what we’re doing. We are fallible and full of fault and we’re just kinda expressing ourselves, so we’re not role models. If we inspire tolerance and acceptance in others then I think we’re doing something positive but it is a by-product of the initial need to express oneself.

And also if we inspire people to not enter into society under society’s terms – whatever that may be, culturally speaking –and carve their own way through chasing their dreams and exploring freedom in any artistic endeavour then I think that’s a positive thing. However, it still remains a by-product of the initial drive which is to express yourself creatively, which is a selfish one but I think it’s necessary for us to be somewhat “balanced” as individuals.

Your song 'Kitty Litter' has a very sexy vibe to it. What’s it about?
Um ... sex, infidelity, lust, attraction, guilt ... all the good stuff! (laughs)

Is there a Placebo song that’s currently your favourite?
I’m very biased on the new one right now. I really like 'Speak in Tongues' off the new record.

What can fans expect from tonight’s show in KL? 
It’s going to be loud.

You’re rarely seen without make-up on. Is there a brand of make-up that you particularly like?
Oh yeah! And if they want to sponsor me they can! My favourite brand is M.A.C. I’ve been trying to get free stuff for years and it’s not working, you know. I think I’m gonna write a song called 'M.A.C' (laughs).

Source: junkonline