Junior "Efeito Placebo", May'10

Translation by mandyas87

Now father, Brian Molko reveals the secret of the longevity of the placebo.

On his new album, Battle For The Sun, the band tries to get back the old sound but in a more mature and less acid, was unintentional or occurred during the process?

this album represents a departure from darkness to light. . the penultimate album, always a great influence over what we should do next. "Meds" was very well done, very dark, stifling and claustrophobic. The recording process was grueling, followed by a tour of a year and a half that almost killed us. then I thought that the only option left was to get out of this black hole in our lives and more optimistic attitude and look. then react against them for doing something that was more open, colorful and optimistic.

The new drummer Steve Forrest has influenced this album?

Steve joined the band when he looked like a younger brother, saw things for the first time the band had experienced for years.
I was next to Steve the first time he heard him on the radio, when he first he saw him on television. these things are wonderful but I had forgotten what it was.

After the child was born, you seemed more optimistic in your lyrics. Parenting is a big influence on your work?

In fact, being a father made me afraid. you realize how vulnerable humans are to themselves and when you have to protect. When you have someone in your life that matter most than yourself, completely changes the way you see the world. since I have a child, I could understand what is unconditional love, responsibility, what was the addiction and true joy.

Placebo can be considered as a mainstream band?

I guess there are always outside the mainstream.
has always been difficult to place on labels, because we followed our own path, without movements, trends, fashion and music affects us.