Juice "Chat: Placebo", May'10

May 13th, 2010
by Min Chen

Placebo has been around: 15 years and six albums – interspersed by line-up changes, drugs, eyeliner and hit-making – are testament to that. But no, Brian Molko and co. aren’t currently lolling about their rock star mansions and toasting themselves; instead, Placebo remains a highly functional, recording and touring outfit with its feet still planted in musical ground. And how do they do it? Bassist Stefan Olsdal tells all.

Are you happy with your latest Battle For The Sun?
Yes, I am. I think we accomplished what we wanted to do, which was to make a big guitar record and something that offered up a bit more hope than the previous record, which was quite a dark record. And it was much more focused making it, ‘cos we did the whole thing in two months when previously, we’ve been known to spend up to nine months on a record… which can drive you insane!

What keeps the band motivated after 15 long years?
Well, this is kind of our ticket, you know? It’s a relationship that’s still working for Brian and me. There’s still that ambition to write better songs and keep on developing – there’s always that niggling feeling that there’s more to be done. And I suppose as long as that’s there with us and we’re not getting stagnant, we’ll keep on doing it.

Lastly: what do you reckon keeps Placebo together?
The blood that pumps through our veins! (Laughs) Well, I supposed my relationship with Brian. We started out quite young so we didn’t really have many responsibilities and we were quite naïve in our ambitions. Obviously, a lot of that’s changed in terms of our lifestyles, personal situations and in the line-ups, but the core is still there. It’s such a big part of our lives that I can’t see my life without it right now.

The rest of the interview is in May issue of JUICE.

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