I-S Magazine "Scene Stealer", Mar'10

March 12th, 2010

From their choice of name and glamorous connections to the sexual and drug references in their music, Placebo has stirred all sorts of controversy. We dish out the dirt from the alternative rock band’s new drummer, Steve Forrest.

Describe Placebo in three words. 
Hungry, happy, sleepy.

How about a “glam Nirvana”?
I can see where they’re coming from with the guitar playing—simple but powerful at the same time. That’s a compliment, I suppose. Like them, we are catchy but raw and emotional. But we’re not really a glam band at all; that’s a bit insulting.

Tell us some of your musical influences. 
We love music so that no matter what genre it is, if it gives us that feeling, it’s a great band! We’re into the Flaming Lips, Smashing Pumpkin, so on and so forth. Brian loves to chip out on melancholics and acoustics. Stefan loves electronic stuff and I love my reggae, and the punky, Grizzly Bear sort of folk rock.

You’re the new guy. What do you most admire about your bandmates?
I love their professionalism. I look up to the way that they always conduct themselves. Nobody’s perfect, everyone has their moments, but these guys know when to conduct themselves and how. They’re very smart individuals and lovely gentlemen. I love them with all my heart.

Would you say that Placebo is as sexually-charged as ever?
We are very sexy individuals. Yeah of course we’re still energetic; we have a blast when we’re playing. When we write and jam, there are smiles and there’s laughing and passion and the whole “that’s really wicked what you just did” kind of vibe.