"A call to Boycott Placebo, Murr responds, Placebo answers", Jun'10

June 08, 2010

Some local and Palestinian organizations called for boycotting tomorrow’s Placebo concert which is taking place at the Forum de Beyrouth, sponsored by NRJ and organized by 2U2C; Jihad elMurr responds and Brian Molko (Placebo) answers.

These minor organizations called to boycott the British Rock band Placebo on Tuesday since the latter performed on June 5th in Tel Aviv (Israel) following the Israeli attack on the Turkish aid convoy “Freedom Flotilla” on May 31st; adding that the band is “not welcomed” in the Lebanese premises. 

During the press conference, the five organizations called on the western bands “to decide whether to play in Lebanon or in Israel.” According to the statement read by the Lebanese writer Samah Idriss, it said, “boycott Israel’s supporters in Lebanon,” emphasizing that this rock band is “not welcomed in Lebanon.”

He added that, “dealing with this matter as if it’s a normal issue is a blatant violation of the boycotting law.”

Also Rania Masri of the “Lebanese Campaign to boycott Zionism” stressed that the point of this movement is “media pressure” and to prevent any other band to come to Lebanon if they passed in Israel.” She also warned that other international artists will be performing in Lebanon following a regional tour which includes Israel. 

She said that artists performing in Israel, “support it politically, economically and its tourism.”
On the other hand, Jihad el Murr (Chairman of the company organizing the event) told AFP on Tuesday that, “this band has not entered sneakily, but entered legally and with the knowledge of the General Security.”

Murr added that, “most of international bands which performed in Lebanon have also performed in Israel,” pointing out that, “the concert which will be held on Wednesday at the Forum de Beyrouth is not to support Israel and has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.” 

Murr also wondered if “we should boycott all ministers, officials or band artists visiting Israel? What’s this mockery?”

On the other hand, Brian Molko answered yesterday during a press conference held in MTV Naccache to the recent campaign to boycotting his band’s concert saying that, “we are musicians, we cannot simply punish our fans for what their government did, we are neither Lebanese nor Israelis, and what better way is it to promote peace love and understanding other than in this region.”

Source: iloubnan