Dnes "I stalk The Mystery of The Bulgarian voices", Sep'10


Translation by freckle

Minutes before their best concert in Bulgaria,Placebo are getting ready in their dressing rooms,where it is surprisingly peaceful.

Outside I can hear the overwrought noise,coming from fans waiting for the Meet & Greet with the band and I’m waiting patiently my turn,having fun with their management.

Brian Molko walks around and Steve Forest flies across the rooms,wondering if Bulgaria has ever been a part of the USSR.It’s my turn now and I meet Stefan Olsdal,with his just done hair-style.

He lights a cigarette,saying “I’m giving it up tomorrow.

And why exactly tomorrow?

Because I don’t want to smoke,really.But I started again a few weeks ago.

So Sofia is the last Sin City?

Ha-ha,yeah,it seems.

When a band finish a certain album,it’s usually in the past for them.During the last year and a half you promote your latest album.Are you still into it or working on a new project.

Strange what you said, cause I was thinking exactly the same yesterday.We finished the album a few years ago,then the recording and that long tour…Sometimes I feel like I travel through time and I’m two years back…

Aren’t you moving on with a new material?

Of course,we always work on something new,but it’s in a quite embryoinic phase at the moment.At the end of the tour,we’ll have a rest to put our thoughts together and bend the energy to a new direction. 

Won’t you let a little bit out?

I’m afraid I’ll need a crystal ball here.But yet,we are trying to move forward with every album.And every single one is a reaction to the previous.
The predecessor of Battle For The Sun – Meds,is quite dark,emotional and melancholic album.That’s right the last one is so bright and optimistic.

Yes,Battle For the Sun is the first album that you’ve written clean,you know,without doing any drugs.For such a background,it seems amazingly positive.But after giving up the world is not such a bed of roses...

Haha,you said it.Don’t believe everything you read!

But you said it yourself in several interviews...

Oh,we need to be more careful.At any rate,it’s a matter of balance.Yes,we,Placebo really wrote a more optimistic album,but it’s not just like a sunny afternoon walk in the park among the flowers – there’s again a great deal of emotional purification,like in our other records.

And yet it’s tangibly different.I’ve already heard it live and I was surprised by the way it sounds – a lot more electronic and heavy!

I’m not sure whether it’s due to the album,or rather to the current band members.I think that’s the best line-up we’ve had for the last 15 years.Our new drummer,as well as Nick and Fiona- they brought brand new enthusiasm to the band.
As for the electronic sound – you surprise me,because Battle For The Sun is actually the most acoustic album of them all – The synthesizers are replaced by piano,the strings and the trumpets are on higher levels than the guitars.

Yes,but live during the encore,you use a drum machine as well.I had an odd feeling that Steve’s energetic drumming contributes to it.From below it seems that you and Brian are taking a bit of rest, letting him enjoy it to the maximum.

You know,I’ve always had a severe complex to control everything – myself and the things around me.And at the same time the only sure and permanent thing is the change.That’s why you have to build your life and present state around what you have..
Now, suppose yourself in Steve’s place – he’s young,Battle for the sun is his first album,recorded in a studio,that’s his first big tour.Put him on stage,in front of ten thousand people and imagine what he’s going to do.Of course,he would jump,run and break fan’s hearts – he’s like a kid in a sweetshop.
In the beginning me and Brian were absolutely the same,so we understand him completely!Not that we don’t get excited any more – not at all.We just look on fame and that feeling with irony,in order not to become over confident. 
Because imagine what is it to come on stage and complete strangers to look at you with adoration/admiration and shout your name…you have to know how to land that adrenaline.
So we are now gentlemen,who have offered their seat on the pedestal for a while,I guess.And to be honest this is the best tour in my life.

How do you like the studio work with the new instruments?

It was all an idea of our new producer.And it was extremely interesting for us to explore our own music,adding new sounds.

You’ve been influenced by many musicians,but Placebo is a quite influential band too.Do you think that Placebo will leave a trace in history?What do you want to be remembered for?

Recently,another famous musician was asked the same question and he replied:
“There’s no point in thinking about it,cause one way or another I’ll be dead at that time”
I share his opinion.There’s no sense in thinking about something we do not control.

I’m asking you because in one interview,Brian said that you made a revolution,at least,by getting men wearing eyeliner into fashion…

Ha-ha,a lot of people before us have done it.I’ll be pleased even with a small article in the encyclopedias that we have just existed.But you know what’s the truth?I really don’t think that we’re done…not at all - There’s a lot more to come!Everything is ahead of us!
Imagine our next album to be a psychedelic hip-hop!

I know that you like the Bulgarian folklore.Do you still listen to it sometimes?

Actually,I'm very annoyed,because 'The Mystery of the Bulgarian voices' have been in London several times and I always miss them.Your music is extremely beautiful and I’m yet to hear it live.

You keep on coming to the Balkans – on your both tours – BFTS you’ve had dates around,same with Meds.

Yes,we love coming here.I remember a few years ago,when we first came to the Balkans,it was for a concert in Croatia and we lost loads of money.But we didn’t give up because of the audience.And I think that we are now reaping everything that we’ve sown.