DH.be "Brian Molko goes to orange", Aug'10


Translation by Rag Doll

Placebo's singer was over the moon during the Flaming Lips' gig.

KIEWIT, on thursday, during most of the day, Wayne Coyne, the charismatic Flaming lips' leader, in a relative anonymity, never stopped mixing with the public, and going through the alleys of Pukkelpop to see, and obviously, to enjoy most bands. The American, whose band was created in 1983, is nothing like a blasé kind of guy because he never lost his curiosity or his thirst to discover. Perhaps he still has a child soul, but this guy really goes in an artistic approach whose authenticity and sincerity are undeniable. So, it is with great enthousiasm that the Pukkelpop public answered his call on thursday night. Where many american bands enjoy getting fans on stage to dance, sing and play guitar during only one song, the Flaming Lips invited some of their fans on stage for the entire hour and a quarter that the gig lasted

The magic of a succesful night ? Anyway, these boys and girls, mostly amazed to be on the sides of the stage did nothing but dance, jump and laugh during a very colourful set. It got to the point where it took some time for most of them to recognize a funny little man with glasses and a cap. Being way more anonymous in the orange jumpsuit provided by the band, Brian Molko, along with his drummer, had rushed into a shuttle to get to the Marquee stage while the last riff of Taste in Men still sounded on the main stage. And for more than an hour, Placebo's singer, extatic and enthousiast, laughed at every jokes of Wayne Coyne.

Even if he didn't get to see his alter ego from Oklhaoma City that rolled into the crowd in a big transparent bubble, the Luxo-English did everything the Flaming Lips asked. It was asked to act like a monkey, a cat, a lion or a lobster : not a problem for Placebo's leader who didn't stop dancing during a gig that Mika wouldn't have denied if he had taken one or the other pill.

There was a certain contrast between the Flaming Lips gig and the Placebo gig that happened a little before, even if it has to be said that the Londoner trio was in a good mood on thursday. But, the fact that the band was already on the same stage last year with the same Battle for the Sun in his suitcase let a little dullness happened (especially because this band makes a lot of concerts and is not rare on stage). More talkative than usual, this French-speaking guy who was born in Brussels, remembered the way he sang Teenage Angst back in 1996 in Kiewit. Or justified his buddist side with The Never-Ending Why. And if you add to that, higgledy-piggledy, the perfect performances of Every you every me, Special Needs, Meds, Song to say goodbye, and the most recent Ashtray Heart, Breathe Underwater, or Bright Lights, we would become (if needed) reconciled with this band live. But maybe it's also due to the fact that we saw Brian Molko so happy and childlish wearing an orange jumpsuit...