CMU "The making of Beautiful Losers", Sep'10


The time has almost come, folks. Next Monday sees the release of 'Beautiful Losers', the debut album by Losers - aka Tom Bellamy and a certain Eddy Temple-Morris. It's been a long time coming and I can assure you it is absolutely worth the wait. 

The album will be officially launched at Club Remix this Thursday (9 Sep), held in London's Proud venue in Camden. Amongst other special additions to the usual pretty darn special Losers set, MCs Riz and Envy will be on hand to perform 'Flush' together live for the first time. And because we like you, we've set up a special concessions list, which will get you in for £4 (instead of the usual £7). Hit Eddy up on Facebook orTwitter to get your name added. 

But ahead of that, here is, as Eddy puts it, "a blow by blow, chord by chord, inside story account of the making of 'Beautiful Losers'".


Summertime Rolls

I'm a massive Jane's Addiction fan, and Perry Farrell, their lead singer, loves his electronic music. I always wanted to cover this electronically, and knew that it would be the last track on the album, so that, in a sense, the album would sonically follow a dynamic 'M' shape and leave you with this.

My biggest surprise was that Jane's Addiction never figured on Tom's radar. I'd had the Cooper Temple Clause down as big Jane's fans because, in some ways, they were the UK's answer to them. Progressive. Stand-alone. Doing their thing and ignoring fickle-fashion or trends.

I played bass on this and Tom came up with the amazing guitar-like sounds on his laptop, and maybe using one of the array of synths in his collection.

When we finished, we thought about vocals and considered sending it to Perry to revoice it. I had a connection through the Hybrid boys, who've worked with him closely. But we kinda wanted it to be more 'ours' and felt a UK vocalist would be better. That left us with two choices, who we felt could do Perry's vocal justice. Brian Molko of Placebo, who I knew, and Robert Harvey of The Music, who my friend Danny McNamara knew.

We first felt that Brian would overshadow us, so prepared to contact Robert, but we then switched sides, I think, because were both such huge Placebo fans and really relished the chance to work with Brian. But it was only a snowballs chance in hell, Brian was a busy man. I texted him and he replied that he knew and loved that song, but couldn't make any promises. I sent the track, and within 24 hours had a hilarious message back saying: "I love it. I'm doing it. I won't let you use anybody else on this, I'm free on ONE DAY this year, and I'm coming to your studio".

He did. With a cold. But it was now or never. Brian had this incredible tea called 'Throat Coat', or something, an American, medicinal brew containing 'slippery elm bark'. I tasted some and it was like magic! It literally coats the back of your throat in this yummy, slippery stuff, so you don't get that horrid scratchy feeling from a sore throat. Brian said it's the 'singers' best kept secret'. That combined with the brandy he sent me off to buy -purely for medicinal purposes - in miniature bottles did the trick and Brian laid down, I think, one of his best ever vocals. We really stretched him and he rocked it like the true pro he is.

I don't think Brian has ever recorded a vocal in such scummy conditions, in front of a multi-stained, upturned sofa, masquerading as an impromptu vocal booth in the Coopers control room. Now I look forward to the day he sings it live with us.