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Dec 2009 / Jan 2010

Venue > Steal their style (in English, Scans)


La Fondation Étoile filante > Anissa, meeting Brian Molko from Placebo (in French & English)

January 2010

Teraz Rock > Stefan interview (in Polish & English, Scans)

Nikinphaser.com > Fiona Brice Talks about Touring with Placebo (in English) >> in Russian

PlaceboRussia > Fiona Brice answers questions for Russian fans (in English) >> in Russian

February 2010

Kerrang > Inside the Mind Of Brian Molko (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Tattoo Planet > Steve Forrest (in Dutch & English, Scans)

TPi > A Date With Placebo (in English, Scans)

March 2010

Juice > Interview with Brian Molko (in English)

Beat Street Magazine > Review (in English, Scans)

Today Online > Still the cure for teenage angst (in English)

Junk Online > A quickie with Brian Molko (in English)

Asia One > Pinning down the 15-year Placebo effect (in English)

The Straits Times > Basking in sunshine (in English)

The Nation > Why the Tiger roars (in English)

I-S Magazine > Scene Stealer (in English)

The Star > Future perfect (in English)

Sonar > Placebo donará sus ganancias en Chile (in Spanish) >> in English

KOKO Asia > Placebo @ KL Live (in English)

Asia One > Placebo's New Tomorrow (in English)

The Malay Mail > Point of no return (in English, Scans)

Student Weekly > Rock survivors hit Bangkok (in English)

Time Out KL > Placebo Interview (in English)

Hot Magazine > The Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

La Tercera > Placebo donará ganancias de su show (in Spanish, Scans)

April 2010

Living in Peru > Glam-rock band Placebo expresses interest in Peru's culture (in English)

El Comercio.pe > Interview with Brian Molko (in Spanish)

Malaysian Today > Six Minutes with Stefan Olsdal (in English, Scans)

Estadao.com.br > Placebo volta ao Brasil em fase solar (in Portuguese, Scans) >> in Russian

Rockaxis > Placebo @ Movistar Arena (in Spanish) >> in English

Rockaxis > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

RPP > Placebo: Nos gustaría visitar Machu Picchu (in Spanish) >> in English

Terra > Empolgado, baterista do Placebo fala sobre turnê brasileira (in Portuguese) > in English

Phantom > 5 síntomas para recetar a Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

May 2010

Junior > Efeito Placebo (in Portuguese & English, Scans)

Rolling Stone Chile > Beyond the Battle (in Spanish & English, Scans)

Juice > Chat: Placebo (in English)

State Of The Arts > Placebo (in English)

Israel magazine > The Dark Knight (in English) >> in Russian

Tetes D'Affiche > Placebo, Guerre et paix (in French, Scans)

Spring/Summer 2010

The FLY53 Zine > Placebo (in English, Scans)

June 2010

iloubnan.info > A call to Boycott Placebo (in English) >> in Russian

L’Orient-Le Jour > L’effet Placebo (in French) >> in Russian

Rock Sound > Interview with Brian Molko (in English & Russian, Scans)

Beirut Night Life > A Loud Energetic Passionate Performance (in English)

Gossip > Placebo Rocks Beirut (in English, Scans)

July 2010

Volume > Placebo im Interview - Londoner Lehrjahre (in German) >> in English

El Norte De Castilla > La herencia del post-glam (in Spanish, Scans)

El Norte De Castilla > Ceremonia de electricidad (in Spanish, Scans)

Kerrang > Poster (Scans)

Rock Sound > Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Público > Placebo (in Spanish)

20 minutes > «On s’est bien calmés» (in French) >> in Russian

Blic > Tvrđava je fantastična (in Serbian & English)

August 2010

September 2010

Kerrang > London calling (in English, Scans)

CMU > The making of Beautiful Losers (in English)

Kerrang > "I've never been more grateful to be alive" (in English, Scans)

Коммерсантъ Weekend > Из песни слез не выкинешь (in Russian)

Rolling Stone > Специално интервю (in Bulgarian) >> in English >> in Russian

Open Music > Интервью с Брайаном Молко (in Russian)

Quart > "Megrekedtem egy 22 éves ember érzelmi szintjén." (in Hungarian)

The Arts Desk > Placebo, Brixton Academy (in English)

Коммерсантъ > Стефан Олсдал: мы не хотим становиться новыми U2 (in Russian)

Dnes > Stefan Olsdal: Дебна Мистерията на българските гласове! (in Bulgarian) > in English

Time Out > Placebo @ Brixton Academy (in English, Scans)

Комсомольская правда (Украина) > Placebo в Киеве: Молко и соленые огурцы (in Russian)

Yellow.bg > Ексклузивно интервю от Placebo (in Bulgarian) >> in English

Pink > Высокий шик (in Russian, Scans)

October 2010

Kerrang > Review: Placebo @ Brixton Academy (in English, Scans)

Artrocker Magazine > Review of Battle For The Sun - Redux Edition (in English, Scans)

Sonic Seducer > Placebo (in German, Scans)

Zillo > Placebo (in German, Scans)

November 2010

Playboy (Ukraine) > Голос разума (in Russian, Scans)

December 2010

Victor > Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Classic Rock > Battle For The Sun Redux Edition (in English, Scans)

Winter 2010

Soundsphere Magazine > The Human Sun (in English, Scans)

January 2011

Kerrang > 21st Century Anthems (in English, Scans)

March 2011

kux-miss blogspot > A Class Talent (in English)

Summer 2011

Skin Deep > Interview with Steve Forrest (in English & Russian, Scans)

June 2011

mikedolbear.com > Interview with Steve Forrest (in English)

August 2011

Open Music > Беседа с Тимо Маасом (in Russian)

September 2011

NME > Placebo to release new live DVD (in English)

Zillo > Stuttgart, Schlossplatz (in German, Scans)

November 2011

Sonic Seducer > Scherben bringen Glück (in German, Scans)

The Music Network > Placebo: "We're a lot more civilised now" (in English)

PETA > Placebo's Steve Forrest Chooses 'Ink, Not Mink' (in English)

The West Australian > Placebo drum it up (in English, Scans)

Plugged > Placebo (in French & English, Scans)

Billboard > Placebo Taking 'Bit of a Breather' Before Hitting Studio in 2012 (in English)

Weburg > Интервью с Тимо Маасом (in Russian)

December 2011

Rolling Stone > Por siempre triste (in Spanish, Scans)

Visions > Färben oder Glatze (in German & English, Scans) >> in Russian

Teraz rock > Wrócić na ziemię (in Polish & English, Scans)

Garnish School of Sound > Stefan Olsdal interview (in English)

Kerrang > DVDs of the year (in English, Scans)