Ilta-Sanomat "Brian Molko regrets only one thing", Jun'09


Translation by ziggsy

- What I regret in my career? Those leopard tights I wore in Top of the Pops in 1996, Brian Molko, the singer of the British band Placebo bursts into laughter.

He is smaller than expected but with the eyeliner covering sunglasses the more charismatic. For a world size star he's surprisingly polite, down to earth and sarcastic. 

Placebo was on main stage of Provinssirock Friday night and played a set that crowned ["kruunata", can't figure out correct translation, the cherry on top of the cake or something] the party of 18 000 people in Törnävänsaari. 

Last time the indie rock band was at the same festival was 12 years ago. 

- I don't remember anything else about that gig expect that we played on the stage in the middle of forest and at 3 am some woman started to sing heavy opera. The sun never went down which felt strange. 

And now you're here hanging out at the same backstage as Manowar?

- Oh, am I? I don't even know what they sound like. I don't like heavy metal. I rather listen to Italian opera. That's beautiful noise, even though I don't have a faintest idea what they're singing about. 

The band that's just released their sixth album Battle for the Sun replaced their drummer last year. Steve Forrest has brought light into the band instead of messing with drugs. 

- We found the joy in creativity again. We have a whole new band. The best in this Placebo MK III is that we enjoy being together, he admits. 

Drugs are part of the past.

- We spent many years experimenting with the boundaries of rock 'n' roll life. You can continue to do that only to a certain point until you reach the final boundary. If you want some quality and order in your life, there comes a time when you have to reconsider the guidelines, analyses Molko.

- Of course it impacts your ability to create and perform too, he adds. 

The calmed down man doesn't play with androgyny and sexuality, mess his head or provoke the conservatives anymore. Molko talks about his four year old son Cody with glow in his eyes. 

- Fatherhood is great. I recommend it to everyone. It's a wonderful thing to be loved unconditionally. 

Does Cody remind you?

- No. As all the children, they're not a part of you, they are themselves. Unique. 

Placebo continues their festival tour from Seinäjoki. They're touring 27 festivals during the summer, but Molko doesn't think it's too much. 

- It doesn't feel so bad. I was unemployed for 2,5 years and I couldn't afford even to eat. I've been homeless and slept on concrete. 27 festival gigs in front of a loving audience feel actually pretty good comparing them to the rough parts of my life.