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.... > The Internal "Battle" comes out (in Spanish & English, Scans)

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Kerrang > Placebo take part in Cambodian charity show (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Brian Molko Interview (in English, Scans)

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Mswrd > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

Big Cheese > My Year 2009 - Placebo (in English)

Rock Oracle > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

Machina > W Stronę Słońca (in Polish, Scans)

Rock sur ordonnance > Philippe André о ‘Song To Say Goodbye’ (in French & Russian, Scans)

January 2009

Rocksound > Placebo (in English, Scans)

April 2009

Clic Music > Interview: Placebo (in English)

BBC Newsbeat > Placebo feel pre-album 'jitters' (in English)

Le Parisien > Placebo a sauvé sa peau (in French, Scans) >> in English

Rock Sound > Placebo frontman discusses fear of flying (in English)

Daily Echo > Here comes the sun (in English, Scans)

May 2009

Les Inrockuptibles > Brian Molko Interview (in French, Scans)  > in English  > in Russian

The Finnish Image > The boy from the back of the class (in English) >> in Russian

Kulturnews > Placebo Im Reich der Sonne (in German) >> in English >> in Russian

I Like Music > Placebo Chat To I Like Music (in English)

1Live Radio > Die Reifeprüfung (in German) >> in English

Musikexpress > Rich and muscular (in German & English, Scans)

Sonic Seducer > A Place in the sun (in German & English, Scans)

J Mag Australia > The Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

HD.se > Placebo has woken from the rock dream (in Swedish) >> in English

De Standaard > Placebo versie 3.0 (in Dutch) >> in English

RTVE.es > Chat with Stefan Olsdal (in Spanish)

Kerrang > Placebo - Shepherd's Bush Empire (in English, Scans)

De Limburger > Placebo strijdt voor het licht (in Dutch) >> in English

Kerrang > Interview with Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

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ROCK > La petite boutique des aurores (in French, Scans)

Rock & Folk > Natural born star (in French, Scans)

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Marie Claire > Placebo Are Real Deal! (in English)

Guitare Xtreme > Brian Molko: Peter Pan Post Punk (in French & English, Scans)

London > Tourdates Review (in English, Scans)

June 2009

Sonic Seducer > Placebo (in German & English, Scans)

Musikexpress > Placebo Interview (in German & English, Scans) >> in Russian

Volume Magazine > The life of Brian (in English) >> in Russian

ShockHound > “I Really Wouldn’t Know What The Hell Else To Do” (in English) >> in Russian

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OK! Magazine Australia > Brian Molko (in English)

Highland News > New boy's a hit (in English, Scans)

Adelaide Now > Placebo's battle to find a new identity (in English)

Visions > Placebo – Noch einmal 20 sein (in German, Scans) >> in English

Metro Live > Tyytyväinen synkistelijä (in Finnish) >> in English

Monsters & Critics > Placebo - Ein Platz an der Sonne (in German) >> in English

MTV News > Exclusive Placebo Interview (in English)

Gay times > Stefan interview - Love vs Hate (in English, Scans)

Rocksound > Interview with Brian (in English, Scans)

Ilta-Sanomat > Placebon Brian Molko katuu vain yhtä asiaa (in Finnish) >> in English

Sentimentalist > Gentleman’s Art of Never Dropping Your Guard (in English)

Vimagazino > Placebo interview (in English)

Krone.at > Placebo Interview (in German)

Inthenews.co.uk > Change has come to Placebo on album six (in English)

Nikinphaser.com > Live Review: Placebo at Romexpo (in English)

HUMO > De luistertest: Brian Molko (in Dutch) >> in English

Kerrang > Album Review (in English, Scans)

MAG > Placebo: Flying Too Close to the Sun (in English, Scans)

Music Week > Battle for the Sun (in English, Scans)

London Metro > Steve Forrest Six Track Mix (in English, Scans)

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London Lite > Battle For The Sun (in English, Scans)

Unclesallys > Placebo (in German, Scans)

Le Matin > Brian Molko (in French)

Le Matin > Placebo (in French)

Tribune de Genéve > Placebo a dépensé tout le fric des Spice Girls (in French)

Metro > Brian Molko (in French)

Libération > Placebo, pis aller (in French)

Batterie Mag > Steve Forrest (in French, Scans)

VOXPOP > Le control freak c'est chic (in French & English, Scans)

July 2009

Lords Of Rock > Placebo - Interview (in French) >> in Russian

Imaginariums > Placebo contra la vejez (in Spanish) >> in English

Rock & Folk > Placebo (in French, Scans) >> in Russian

Elegy > Placebo: Destination Soleil (in French, Scans) >> in Russian

Kerrang > Treasure Chest (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Londonist > Live Music Review: Placebo @ Roundhouse (in English)

Inthenews.co.uk > Camden Roundhouse (in English)

Nikinphaser.com > Placebo Ask ‘The Never-Ending Why’ (in English)

Jmag > Battle for the sun (in English, Scans)

Metronews > Stefan Olsdal: ''Ora pensiamo positivo'' (in Italian)

Kerrang > The Best Medicine (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Poster and Cover (in English, Scans)

Rock One > Forrest Jump! (in French, Scans)

Teraz Rock > Heineken Open'er Festival (in Polish, Scans)

Tribu Rock > Placebo (in French, Scans)

Jun-Jul-Aug 2009

One Small Seed > Placebo Savouring The Sunshine (in English, Scans)

Jul-Aug 2009

Sonic Seducer > 03.06.2009 Köln, Gloria (in German, Scans)

August 2009

Bangkok 101 Mag. travellers > Brian Molko Interview (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Rock Sound Magazine > 'Ask Placebo' (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Suosikki > 20 x Placebo (in English)

Independent.ie > The Placebo effect (in English)

NME > Brian Molko - What Rock'n'Roll Has Taught Us (in English, Scans)

The Korea Times > Placebo Wants Fans to Wear White at Concert (in English)

Index > A Placebo energikusabb, mint valaha (in Hungarian)

Quart > "A karaoke káros" - a Placebo a Quartnak (in Hungarian)

GMA News > Backstage with Placebo (in English)

BBC 6 Music > Reading & Leeds kicks off (in English)

Juice > The Sunny Side Of Meds (in English)

September 2009

Filament > Steve Forrest interview (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

The Sunday Times Magazine > Brian Molko about Beatles (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Reading and Leeds (in English, Scans)

I Like Music > Placebo Chat To I Like Music #2 (in English)

The Star > Into the light (in English)

October 2009

Informador.com.mx > Placebo, sin restricciones (in Spanish) >> in English

Le Bien Public > Brian Molko Interview (in French) >> in Russian

Kerrang > Review Placebo at Mexico City (in English, Scans)

Paris Normandie > Brian Molko interview (in French) >> in Russian

indiecision.com > Interview: Placebo (in English)

Ровесник > Англия не для англичан (in Russian, Scans)

November 2009

ladepeche.fr > Placebo en cure d'optimisme (in French) >> in English >> in Russian

Le Progrès > Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon (in French, Scans)

Rhythm Magazine > 'What I Do When I Am Not Drumming' (in English, Scans)

Diena.lv > Stefan Olsdal interview (in English)

The Skinny > The Brian Molko Effect (in English) >> in Russian

CGM.pl > Steve Forrest interview (in Polish) >> in English

ZAP > Brian Molko vecht voor zijn Placebo (in Dutch, Scans)

December 2009

Rocksound > Stefan interview (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Niki N. Phaser > Placebo Gaze At ‘Bright Lights’ (in English)

Wharf.co.uk > Placebo gearing up for O2 show (in English)

Kerrang > Placebo (in English, Scans)

Culch > Placebo Gig Review and Interview with Steve Forrest (in English)

The Vine > Placebo interview (in English)

Ski.bg > The World Alpine Rockfest (in English)

Contactmusic.com > Placebo - Molko's scare over onstage collapse (in English) >> in Russian

Kerrang > The O2 Gig Review (in English, Scans)

Music Week > Placebo to air short films on European tour (in English)

... > New sort of wine-Placebo (in English)

Hot Press > Land of Molko and honey (in English) >> in Russian