The MOG "Placebo", Mar'07

Some time ago, I got a MOG-mail from "Jessawesome": telling me to get very excited.. I did, because I can be easy like that. Turns out that she was contacted by Placebo's management, looking for a way to get them on MOG. Lovely Jess thought of me (if you are asking yourselves "why?", you must have missed the gigantic neon memo) and suggested an interview. It was a hard decision for me to make... OK, not really, so I said "*YES*" and the rest is MOG history. For those who haven't been Placebo-ed yet, let me say a few words."

"Placebo" is an alternative rock (and/or indie rock, synthpop,electro rock) band consisting of Brian Molko (vocals, lead guitar), Stefan Olsdal (bass) and Steve Hewitt (drums). The band was founded in London in 1994". Their latest album "Meds" was released in March 2006 and they will soon be at an American venue near you. This is their official site 

With no further e-delay, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the humorous, revealing Placebo:

AZ: What are you listening to lately?

P: !!!, Arcade Fire, Koop

AZ: How about the albums that you just can't live without? Can you name your five most important ones?

P: Violator: Depeche Mode, Goo: Sonic Youth, Abba, Arrival, Jeff Buckley: Grace, Chet Baker: Sings

AZ: Let's shed some light on your song writing process: how do you normally write? Is there any situation that you find particularly inspiring as a band?

P: We write when we have the time!! Right now we are on a world tour of Meds, hardly giving us time to think of the next one! We write in the studio, at home, at soundchecks, in hotel rooms..

AZ: I attended your live show in Greece in September and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that you partially alter some songs, like the extended version of Twenty Years as a finale. Is this a standard thing you do and why?

P: Songs are not finished just because they are the 'final mix'. Live is a different medium where songs take on a different form, more free for the band and depending on the night. We try to play off the audience, if they're not leaving for the bar, we turn it up and have a good old rock out!

AZ: Do you have any pre- and post-concert rituals?

P: Pre is usually a group prayer for the continuing success of David Hasselhoff. 

AZ: Sleeping With Ghosts' limited edition came with a bonus covers disc. How did you pick which songs to cover?

P: Those are songs that we grew up with. Some less serious than others! They were done for b-sides, bonus tracks and soundtracks.

AZ: Your acoustic iTunes session came out so emotionally charged, that it passionately lays the ground for an acoustic/unplugged album. Is that something you have been thinking of doing, or do you have different future plans?

P: We enjoy these kind of sessions. It puts very little distance between the band and audience. More risky but also more intimate. We've done a few for Meds, and we'd like to put one of them out. The one in Vienna maybe!?? 

AZ: Fame can be addictive but also a burden. How are you handling yours?

P: Waking up hasn't gotten any easier!! 

AZ: Which is the place you call home, and why?

P: Europe for now, but mexico city is coming up a serious contender! 

AZ: What's your relationship with the Internet? By which I mean "are you going to create a MOG page?".

P: We're there...

Questions being answered by a mystery band member..... ;) Big hug to Jess for making this happen and for all her help and, of course, big hug to MOG for giving me this precious opportunity :-*

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