Rock Mag "A New Dose", Mar'06

Translated by Evalia on the Sweet Prince forum

Rockmag: Did you choose the artwork of a album ? 

Brian Molko: We're still hesitating between 2 pics, but it's sure it will be a very beautiful naked spanish girl. Our photographer is Nadav Kander, he has ever made pics for Once MOre With Feelings. This guy is completely mad, but also really talented. 

What about the booklet? 

Brian Molko: Many pics have been taken in the studio. When we met in London, we were in the "modern room". The rest of the room is more "old school", you can think you in the 70's there. Ths one has been taken there (he shows a pic of Steve p56, rock mag n° 62). 

What message do you want to give through this artwork ? 

Brian Molko: There's no real message. Except for Black Market Music, that is the worst artwork of rock history, we always chose a human being. We tend more and more towards a flesh, a nudity representation. On this album, we strip off, you see ? For Sleeping With Ghosts, we took Man Ray's Inspiration. This time, we tried to to make the equivalent of a Francis Bacon's painting. Everything's twisted, completely realised by photo, without any touching up. You'll see that on the girl's face for the album and on ours for the singles. He, it's a bit like this pic (he shows the artwork of the maxi Without You I'm Nothing with whom i came) ! 

On top of VV from the Kills on Meds, the album contains another duet with Michael Stripe from REM on Broken Promise... Did you meet a long time ago ? 

Brian Molko: It was in 1998, during the shooting of Velvet Goldmine that he produced. He always wanted to take pictures of us in the toilets. It seemed weird for us, but we became friends. And for this album, we wanted to add a feminine voice on Broken Promise, that is about adultery. And one day, here, in the hotel (Le Coste), we met REM. We spoke about that with Michael and two mens singing that song seemed to be more original than a mixed couple. Michael was Ok, he came to the studio... Voilà ! 

By the way, in the studio, you did things with Gomez, who recorded in a close room... 

Brian: (everyone's laughing) Oh yes ! We've known each others for years, we've been in the same label. At the end of the sessions, the studio gave us 18 bottle of champagne, so, of course, we drank them with Gomez. We were completely blitzed and we played songs, it was a fucking evening. Their album is their best album, the songwriting is great. They worked with Gil Norton, who produces Doolittle for the Pixies. 

Have you begun to rehearse for your tour ? 

Brian: Not yet. We'll start next week (the interview was on the 9th January). There's a new member in th eband, Alex Lee, he played in Suede and Strangelove. He's a great musiciam, he will take the place of Xavior. Bill LOyde is still in the team. 

Where do you rehearse ? 

Brian: In our premises. Because we live there, after all. But I prefer Paris... (murmuring) people are more beautiful! 

What's the essential thing to prepare the tour ? 

Steve: Learn to play the new songs and re-learn to play the old ones. 

Brian: On the forst day, you take the guitar and... "Euh... Stef, what's the chord...?" 

Stefan: "Like this!" 

Brian: "Show me!" 

Steve: And after, Brian tries to remember the lyrics. 

Have you chosen the setlist? 

Brian: Yes, it's almost finished. We have 25 songs we wanna perform, the half is from the new album. New album songs will replace old songs. We want to put them forward. 

Have you already shot the video for Song To Say Goodbye? 

Brian: No, not yet. We're working with Philippe André, we loved his work with Roger Sanchez. We're not really in the video, it's rather a movie... 

Stefan: ... of naked spanish girls... 

Brian: ... that make love! 

Steve: With monkeys! 

Brian: Yes! Good Idea! 

What do you mean by "we're not really in the video"? 

Brian: We appear on a tv, playing. It's more a short movie than a video. When i read the script, i thought of a thing "Ã la" Gus Van Sant. That's what we tried to get. 

And what's it about ? 

Brian: Have you watched I Am Sam, with Sean Penn? It's the story of a child that has to be the father of his parents. Our video is like this. 

Some rumours speak about a documentary shot by Ewen Bremner that will be with the album... 

Brian: The first version will be a little booklet of 20 cm, with 50 pages, showing pictures in the studio and the lyrics. And there will be a Bonus video CD, with one shot by Ewen Bremner. It's a kind of "A Day In The Life Of Placebo". He followed us during 24 hours in the studio... We just dit usually things... we went to the pub. (laughs) 

New desires for the tour ? 

Brian: Above all, we want to leave the sampler for the guitar. Our idea will be: "Everything you can play with guitar, play it with guitar rather than sampler". 

Will you do the same for old songs ? 

Brian: Yes. It's a new life for them, it's the only way to get off again. (His mobile phone rings. It's Mondino. Brian tries: I'm in interview, i'll call you in..", but the photographer has ever hung up. Rather speed! ) 

How will be the tour ?

Brian: We start the 19h February in Bangkok, then we go the Europe for some secrets gigs. We don't know yet where and when they will be. Nothing's organized for the moment. 

Steve: During the tour, we may play with Alison (VV from the Kills) or Michael, if programms are compatible, or even something accoustic, or with an orchestra... In 2 years, we have the time to see that. 

Brian: Yeah, that would be cool. Play in an old amphitheatre like Orange ou Nîmes too. And if everything's alright, we'll play in the Parc des Princes, with Johnny Hallyday to play before us! (laughs) No, Dick Rivers! A rivers dick (??)! We met on Canal +, do you remember? He wore more make up than me ! (everybody laughs) 

Seriously, when will you be in France ? 

Stefan: For the single release, towards the 27th february ( the 6th march in real). Maybe a little after. Mais we don't know yet where. 

Will you go the the USA, as in 2003-2004 ? 

Brian: To be honest, if i don't come back there anymore, i'll be the happiest man on the world. (to the others) You too, no? 

Stefan: There're more beautiful places in the world... 

Brian: I don't wanna go to a fucking country that takes our fingerprints to let us come in. Fuck off united states! They are responsible of everything! They financed Saddam Hussein, armed Oussama Ben Laden! They must clean their shit before looking after others !