Ponney.com "Interview with Carol Wojtyla about Placebo", Aug'07

Translation by Yushin Bella-chan

1. How was your first contact with Placebo?
On 2005, when they played in Florianópolis, I was envitated to the After Party at the hotel and I became friend of them, especially Bill, who plays bass on suport eith them and is "the brain" behind the band, on Brian's words "Bill is the glue who keeps the band together". After this, I was invitated to the festival Bobital on French, in July 7th 2007 with them.

2. You follow the band on the 2 times they went brazil. How it happens?
I always kept contact by phone and e-mail with the guys, I even was invitatd to go to Mexico last year, but for money and visa I coudn't make it. But everytime they went Brazil everything becomes easier, it's to call and schedule to meet?

3.You were with Brian Molko. How was living with a rock star?
Hard. Like every rockstar he has his 'Evita Péron' moments and has his 'Sean Penn' momentos, he hates when people are chasing him with cameras, but depending on the behaviour of the fans he can be extremely kind, sign autographs and take photos. You must be very patient to afford Brian's "diva" moments...

4.Every rockstar likes good parties, women and excentricities. Did you share this kind of experiences? Talk about the "behind the show".
It's hard to believe but I think they already passed that "sex, drugs and rock n roll" stage, they take the work very seriously and several times I was the only one who kept bugging, asking "let's go to the party, let's go to the party". But it didn't used to long very much. Everyone wanted to sleep until 2:00 AM for being all ok to the next gig. I'd feel like I was the only one who really have fun between all that workahollics. For me, the most new things were people fainting all the time and screaming Brian's name like he was the savior Jesus Christ.

5.The image of Brian Molko shows his reality? Is he what he looks like?
He's exaclty what he shows on the songs. A sensible, kind and sweet guy. But like he said on "Black-eyed", is a "Bordeline bipolar, forever biting on your nuts". Go to a extreme to another in a few seconds, it's like a Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hide, and the Hide side scaries me, or better, it... (I just don't know how to translate it, it's more afraid) 

6. And the shows? Talk about the perfomance of the band in your vision as crowd and partner.
The shows always brink of perfection (I don't know if 'brink of perfection' is right, I just use the Google Tradutor to this sentence), I just, a half hour before the show they lock thenselfs on the dressing room, they test everything. Steve train his songs, Stef relax and Brian become a rockstar! No one talks to him, is better keep far. The sound and performance are for me the best things ever, but songs become so personal that looks like he's singing directly to you, and, fortunately, they always play Speciak K, where everyone enter into trance and jump all the time.