OK! (Croatian mag) "Brian Molko: I'm not revengeful!", 2006

Translation by L'enfantTerrible

There’s not denying it, the boys from the dark-rock-pop band Placebo are more than irresistible. And how couldn’t they be?! Infectious guitars, the unique voice of Brian Molko, unique live performances and thought-provoking lyrics. But not even the biggest optimists could have imagined that the trio could become mega-popular throughout the world, because their music isn’t for everyone’s ears after all. And throughout their career they have been bothered by their own conflicts. Nevertheless, they haven’t separated and now they’re stronger than ever! Their newest album, called ‘’Meds’’, became their most successful album so far. It reached number 1 on Billboards European sales chart! And so a talk with lead singer and guitarist Brian Molko, when we called him, was a challenge. He wasn’t in the best of moods, a job awaited him, and annoying reporters were constantly curious. Nevertheless, he found time for OK!...

Why did you entitle the album ‘’Meds’’?
BM: While I was writing the songs, I was interested in what the people in the modern world need to survive the day and what they use as medication. The meds could be religion, love or a variety of medication that allows them emotional survival… I’m talking about those kinds of meds.

What allows you survival? What does Brian use as his meds?!
BM: Music!!! My music allows me just that. For me it’s like something that chases off all the demons inside of me, something like good psychotherapy.

You’re constantly performing live. Didn’t that get a bit boring for you?
BM: No, not at all. Every gig is a new challenge. It’s like jumping into a pool, without knowing how deep it really is. Because when you climb on that stage, you never know how your fans are going to react to you.

The new single off the album is the song ‘’Infra Red’’. Why? What kind of song is it?
BM: Hmm, it was one of the most ambiguous songs. But really… Because it’s the only song that I, since I started writing songs, wrote from back to forth. I started writing from the last lyric and then worked my way up to the first one. And I never used to do it that way. And when I got to its beginning, I actually could’ve continued writing it. And then I realized that that song is very much about revenge, about the wish to inflict revenge upon someone.

Do you consider yourself a revengeful person?
BM: No, I don’t think I’m like that. I think that revengefulness is one of humanity’s worst characteristics.

What do you miss when you’re on tour?
BM: Ooooh… I miss my things, the fact that I’m not surrounded by them, so the comfort of my own home. Nevertheless, I make an effort and give it my all to make everything look as much like my ordinary life as possible while I’m on tour.

What’s life like on tour?
BM: Simply different. No day is the same. It has its ups and, of course, downs. It involves a lot of traveling, which means that at times it can be very exhausting. Actually, that entire way of life seems very nomadic. Oh, yes, it really is like that… We’re like a bunch of traveling, rock’n’roll gypsies, going about, traveling from country to country, city to city, playing their music and trying to put food on their tables. But at the same time, it’s a very romantic way of life. And very fulfilling. Every day we get the chance to perform in front of a large number of people, and that’s an incredible experience. But pleasure comes with a price… Physically, and mentally. Changing 150 towns on all continents in a 200 day tour isn’t all that simple. But I always say and think that we’re in a very blessed position, because there are so many people interested in this band and want to listen to us. So it’s completely natural that we bring the music to them.

Placebo has existed for almost an entire decade in an unchanged line-up. What is the secret behind your success? 
BM: Probably the fact that we don’t follow trends or what’s fashionable in music, we just follow our own ideas.