MixUp "Interview with Steve Hewitt", Apr'06

Q: How did you chose Dimitri Tikovoi as your new producer? 

Steve: We've always considered our producers to be the fourth member of the band. This time, Dimitri brought us back to our roots; made us focus more in the composition of the album itself over technology and resources. 

Q: Sleeping with ghosts was a very successful album, one can expect to repeat this with the new album... 

Steve: For us it is more important to start from zero. The studio is the perfect place to create new styles and to bring ideas to the next level. This time, Dimitri helped a lot with the proposition of a much simpler, rawer, sound. After all, it's more satisfing to make a great album, than a successful album. We never have expectations based on past experiences [with albums]. We always start from a new begging. 

Q: Meds is a very dramatic and simple album. It's definitely a more mature album... 

Steve: Yeah, I think that's because we have more confidence in our abilities, in what we've lived through and created in the last ten years. The fact that we're leaving back all the technology and that we're replacing it with guitars, drums, bass and pianos, has left the songs space to breathe by themselves, which requires a better composition. 

Q: Which recent experiences have you imprinted in this album? I don't want to come across and nosy, and don't want you to open up your heart for me... 

Steve: I would never do it... 

Q: Saw that one coming, but you must admit I'm irresistible. 


Q: Oh, well... Back to the topic at hand! 

Steve: We're three individual entities, three different minds and three experiences completely different from each other outside of the band; when we join all that as Placebo, we mix all of our experiences and worries to create one. Individuality is an essential factor for the group's style; it's the best nurishment to our music because through it we can get out even our worst internal demons. It's like if three painters with different styles got together to create a single painting. 

Q: Brian writes the lyrics but I suppose that they're refer to experiences the three of your have lived, which he gets by squeeze them all out of you so he can create more of a collective experience... 

Steve: That's what he does, and it's precisely what represents the power in the band. 

Q: As you slowed down the rythm of the tour so you could record this album, did you have enough time to reunite with your usual lives? 

Steve: Exactly. Gigs keep us alive as musicians and persons, even though that means a great sacrifice of our parts. We recorded the album in RAK Studios in London, which allowed us to stay closer to our families and be in a more relaxed enviroment. I even think they're pampered us too much this time. Now I even feel like a spoiled brat! 

Q: Back to Meds, what did the person you trust the most, musicaly wise, say about this album when it was finished? 

Steve: That has to be my fiancee, and she thinks it's the best album, composition and production wise. 

Q: Could we say Meds represents a start to a "marriage" between Placebo and Dimitri Tikovoi? 

Steve: I hope so. Hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship.