Klubs "Interview with Stefan", Aug'07

Sex and Rockstars

- In tidings about scientists’ discoveries I read that music affects brain in the same way as sex.

- I’ve heard the same about chocolate. I guess a few more scientific discoveries and we’ll understand that sex isn’t indispensable for us. We’ll just sit, eat chocolate, listen to music and hit an orgasm after an orgasm. (laughs) 

- How do you see the men of today? What has changed in us during the last five years?

- I’d say that men aren’t afraid to be beautiful anymore. I mean - the usage of cosmetics that has become a huge industry. Though it concerns cities, you just have to go out of citadels and you greet a different world – it’s a men’s world. It’s a men’s world where men are in center. 

- And how has relationship between a man and a woman changed? 

- I don’t know. I’m gay. My sample of a relationship is between a man and a man. What has a man and a woman in common? Nothing much. Women and men are different, with different physical and emotional necessities. Our biologic clocks are different. Women want to establish themselves and have babies but in their nature men haven’t evolved since Stone Age. That’s why it’s comparatively easy for gays. You’re together with another man, it means you know how he functions, what he thinks and feels, - and it’s a very good basis for a relationship. You can dicuss things you’ve both going through with ease. 
What have most of men common with women? Sex. But what remains after that? Afterwards most of men have a good time in pubs with their friends, with men. Relationships between men and women, correct it, if I’m wrong, in most of the cases are based on sex, but after sex they don’t have that much in common anymore. 

- Maybe – yes, maybe – no. 

- Well, that’s exactly what I’m trying to find out, but I’m gay and happy for it. I believe that . . . (takes some time to find the appropriate wording). To live with a man, to share everything – it means very much to me. We understand each other. Issues that applies to sex aren’t that complicated anymore. Many regular couples I know suffer because of matters of sexual nature. If one of a couple has been disloyal to the other, all falls apart. But we have sexual propensities! How can one hope that they’ll be sexually attractive to the other for the rest of their lifes? It’s impossible. What’s so blameworthy about looking for new relations and sex? Sex is like drugs. You look for it and then have it. 

- Ok, but you’ll have a wish for a baby at some point in time? 

- Maybe. But what relation has it with sex? 

- Well, biological, for example, – a woman is needed. 

- You don’t have to live together to have kids. I know a few gay couples who have kids. Thanks God they live in London, ‘cause it would be hardly possible in countryside in Russia, for instance. 

- In Latvia the lack of tolerance is also often mentioned. 

- I think that after a few generations people will be more liberal than now. 

- However, many things in society have a tendency to remain the same in the next generations a well. 

- Let’s put it this way – it’ll be interesting to watch whether in future the world will be more liberal, tolerant and open. For example, issues of tolerance are likewise related to religion – Islam. In my opinion it’s a very intolerant religion. 

- You think so? It might be a dangerous announcement. 

- In many countries where Islam appears, it’s not trying to conform to the country, but it’s pressing its lifestyle on the new surroundings. 

- We almost don’t have Islam. But London is a different story. 

- Not only London. In Holland and Sweden the situation is complicated as well. A film director was killed in Holland because he ventured to criticize Islam. It’s a very delicate subject. Though there are very many immigrants from Islamic countries in Sweden. There are much more immigrants from Iraq in Sweden than in America, although exactly America started that fucking war. The Swedes have more open policy of immigration which might lead to intolerance. To wit, people in Sweden think: the ones who arrive have the same benefits as the Swedes, but the newcomers don’t work. A very good base for anger against newcomers arises in this situation, a soil where racism and hate are sprouting. I think that in future the liberal countries will be in a big trouble. 


- Which is the place where you feel as if playing at home? 

- We drive around the world a lot and sometimes I ask myself a question – where am I? In Rome? No, damn it, it’s Moscow. On the whole every show, at least from a musician’s point of view, is the same – a big, dark space and plenty of screaming people. Though the audience without a reference to the particular country has the same reaction towards our music. So it’s easy to confuse places. 

- When did you become aware of the fact that you play in one of currently the most popular rock bands?

- There are different answers. In very dawn of Placebo we had a several good breakthroughs. David Bowie asked us to go on a tour before we even had released our first album. And when we were writing the first album we got an offer from U2. Those are little details that helped us to gain confidence. But a really impressive event in every rock band’s existence is a gig in Wembley Stadium. The whole world knows what Wembley Stadium is, even though actually it’s not that big. When you say: „We have played at Wembley,” the reaction usually is: „Oh, you must be a famous band then.” 

- How does Placebo rest after gigs? 

- Usually we discuss with our band mates what the gig has been like for each of us, have a laugh and try to „step aside.” During a gig the audience gives loads of energy and musicians become charged [there must be a different and a way better word to say it]. What’s more – in countries we play in we have a lot of friends, we meet and have a chat. 

- Have you got any friends in Latvia? 

- We have been here once, but it was a long time ago. 

- Six years ago. I remember that gig. 

- Probably. We were drunk afterwards, maybe that’s why we didn’t manage to memorize anyone. 

- Which is your favorite drink? 

- Actually I’m trying to not drink nowadays. I’m having a pause. But if I drink, I like vodka Grey Goose and Jose Cuervo tequila.