Kerrang "T In The Park", Jul'06

Are you stoked for T In The Park? 

Bri: My mother's from Dundee, so I spent my summers as a kid in Scotland...I'm in Top Shop right now, buying a new pair of sunglasses for the festival! 

Do you get to hang out and catch the other bands at a festival, or is it all work and no play? 

Bri: I try and see as many bands as possible, then I go find the dance tent and dance the rest of the night away! 

Is it just a non-stop party backstage at festivals like these? 

Bri: It's usually a bit more sedate than that, a bit more low-key, to be honest. And it depends what day you're playing - sometimes bands hang around at the festival after they've played, just partying, and by Sunday they're just...wasted! Not Placebo though, we're far too professional for that (grins) 

Is it hard to maintain a sense of glamour amid the festival squalor? 

Bri: We take our Boney M toilet with us everywhere - it's a Disco Portaloo! It's diamond encrusted on the outside, like a mirrorball on the inside, and it plays 'The Rivers Of Babylon' when you flush. You have to don a lamé jacket before going in! 

What's your preferred post-performance tipple? 

Bri: I drink salt water - it sounds weird, but it contains a special sea salt which has electrolytes in it, which helps me rehydrate. And I like to get a massage afterwards, to calm myself down. 

And do you have a Boney M massage room? 

Bri: Sadly not.