Irish Times "Placebo: 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition", Oct'06

Oct 20, 2006
by Tony Clayton-Lea

Despite being pilloried in some UK music magazines as a band long since past their sell-by date, Placebo continue to dumbfound their critics by being incredibly successful (no more so than in South America, where they are treated like rock gods). Their debut album, recorded in the main at Dublin's Westland Studios, gets the anniversary treatment. Along with the album (damned good sleaze punk, your Honour) is a selection of DVD clips culled from live gigs (Alexandra Palace, Glastonbury, Wembley Arena), television shows (Big Breakfast, Top of the Pops, White Room) and videos (36 Degrees, Teenage Angst, Nancy Boy, Bruise Pristine). Visually arresting, aurally exciting, and, in lead singer Brian Molko, one of the more genuinely interesting rock stars of the past decade.