ELLE "Brian Molko the best of Placebo", May'06

After more than 10 years of success and self-destruction, the leader of the English group Placebo seems to have known to find serenity. Today dad, Brian Molko reconsiders his accession to the statute of Rock'n'roll Star. 

Isn't Brian Molko, 33 years, the singer of placebo, a rock'n'roll star? It is the quintessence of the rock'n'roll star. But a star in hollow (and bumps) more than in whims and powders with the eyes. One likes it for his assumed brittleness, “treated” during long years has cut of drugs, alcohol and antidepressants. Clean shock which it replaced today by the love for his Cody son, 9 months, and a psychotherapy. One also likes it for his intelligence and his direction of the so rare autodérision among characters of this stature (before last album of the group it is sold has 800.000 specimens in France and they “make” Bercy on October 2). One likes it for his sincerity, which leads their fifth album (at capitol), Meds (drugs) - guitars saturated and voices full, straight towards the emotion and the melancholy. When it is met, in a deserted cabin of a photo studio, pocket format and face outrageusement made up, there is the impression to live during one hour inside a film. Documentary in Technicolor, which would tell the strange and attractive life of Brian Molko, ordinary small urchin of Luxembourg immigrant has London and become super star international by the force of its will. In doubled in French, language which it has a perfect command of. 

Interior/day. Flashback. Beginnings 

“My mother is Scottish and very chocolate éclair. My father, American and obsessed by the financial markets. Well on, I felt like the black sheep of this family to the aspirations far from artistic. People did not believe in me besides. Then I was locked up in my room and I learned the guitar. However, at the beginning, I wanted to be an actor. I was not bad but I was made throw of all the castings. A type of small size with the American accent in London, I could not go far! To be in a group is a trick much more immediate, primary. You connect your guitars and hop you go there.” 

Interior/day. Sequence shot. The autodérision. 

“I am a boy strange, arrogant, ambitious, amsi also rather vulnerable. I have really serious problems of regard of oneself. Thus not badly of contradiction. With the result that I always keep a certain retreat with respect to the adulation which my fans can carry me, I refuse to believe in it. I know that I am good in what I do, and which people like me. I am caught neither for best, nor for the worst of the batch. Good, ok, popular being guaranteed not artistic quality, if not Obispo will be a genius. But, in short, if I commented on to take to me for a star, which my brother invites to play “small idiot of rock'n'roll star”, I would sink body and heart. However, there is that my brother who has the right to call me like that…” 

Interior/day. Broad plan. The scene. 

“To sing on scene it and a very twisted form of exhibitionnism. It is really necessary to be smelled very in great insecurity to search the adulation of people whom I will never know and who I would like little to be never if I met them! And, if that is, which would not like me either, if they really knew me. But I absolutely need that to feel me alive. I am has notch when I did not leave in round for a long time. On scene, I cheating not, I feel like a strip-teasor of the emotion, an exotic dancer. I let speak the with dimensions one blazing about my personality. As the scene is the equivalent of a drug, when I make a large trip, like Bercy, as soon as I leave scene the descent starts. It is for that that the majority of the musicians take drugs or drink alcohol. To destroy this suffering of the vertiginous descent of their ego” 


“A my beginnings, one badly included/understood me. To wear a dress or to make up to me did not make ego an androgyne, just a transvestite. I am much more androgyne on the photographs of IT. Even if I do not wear any more a dress. As for the make-up, it is a way of feeling pretty. Exactly like a girl. It is the only way which I found to be really myself. If not I would hide. If I owed me réincarner as a woman, it will be as a Audrey Hepburn. The quintessence of the sophistication. And I often change haircut, because I think that it is important to have always a cut in advance on my fans” 


“For me, the celebrity does not have any cultural value except if you make use of it to save the world, like Bono or Angelina Jolie. To obtain a good table at the restaurant does not make you a better person. And when I meet famous people, I never think of the relation that they have with their ego, only the human contact counts. David Bowie is somebody who speaks much but with which I really could communicate. At one time I spent much time with Robbie Williams, it is an adorable type, the kind which does not mislead on the goods, even if his music leaves me cold. Recently, J `anonymity, I needed left for India, I rented a small house on the beach. Over there I was not any more Brian molko, but Brian. Naive and desperate Brian who I remained at the bottom. At the end of three months, obviously, that started again to itch me. It was necessary well that I go up on scene” 

Interior/day. FRONT ZOOM. LOVE. 

“Since I have a baby, I included/understood what were the unconditional love, the directions of the responsibilities, dependence, but also it true joy. When it smiles to me, to sell twenty million albums, all the number one is nothing dimensioned! For six years I have become somebody who protége savagely his private life. Front, I told all and anything in the interviews. I delivered myself too much. ” 


“I collect the works of art. I have already Warhol, Miro, and my next acquisition will be Basquiat. It conceited that I find of them one which goes in my apartment and which is not too large bus the large ones cost approximately two million euros. I am not rich enough. It is my only extravagance: I do not have the licence, therefore I do not buy a luxury car. If not I adore to cook and I spend my time has to arrange. Well on a cleaning lady passes once by week, I detest the disorder. I have a very fragile mental equilibrium, and if my physical environment were tumble, I will be disabled” 


“I want to progress as a type-setter author. When I fall on old titles from Placebo, I smell myself badly because I have the impression to read poetry of banked-up bed. I want to get rid of the gimmicks and the stereotypes which encumbered certain tubes, as “Commercial for Levi” which resembles has a list of drugs that one finds in a medecine-chest. The authors whom I admire, like Leonard Cohen or Davis Bowie does not use a gimmicks. In the new album I forced myself to use words of the every day, without will to shock. And then I want that Placebo becomes the greatest group of the world. It is necessary to aim at the moon to arrive halfway. When we make the stage of France, it will be always time to brag and while saying: “Oh not, finally, I like that the small clubs intimists”.

Source: placebofans