EGO (Bulgaria) "Life of Brian", Jun'07


Dressed in black, with perfectly epilated chest, doesn't take off his dark glasses and with boots on in spite of the heat. We have an appointment with the greatest alternative singer from the Island after Thom Yorke. 

Three years ago Placebo played in Bulgaria, disappointed of the venue and charmed by the audience. After he recklessly threw himself into the audience, the singer even shared with us that he hadn't been touched by so many people for the last 5 years. This time Placebo were even more emotional, they changed guitars for each song and staked on long codes. An hour before the concert I am sitting with Brian in a stuffy room somewhere along the Winter Palace's corridors . He lights a cig. A nicotine one. 

Svetoslav Petrov: Last time you were in Bulgaria you smoked Camel, too! 
Brian Molko: Well, let's hope next time I come I won't smoke any, ha-ha. 

S.P.: Aren't you sick of playing the songs of your last album, Meds? 
B.M.: Ha-ha, no. Why are you so negative? Are you bored? 

S.P.: Not at all. But aren't you tired of the tour, yet? 
B.M.: Here it goes again. You're tired blah blah blah. You've said it again!? 

S.P.: Relax, I have positive questions as well. 
B.M.: You are going to make me feel bad even before going onstage. Today is a beautiful sunny day. All girls are walking around almost without any clothes on. 

S.P.: One of these girls is waiting for you outside for an interview. (Elena Peneva from 
B.M.: Well.. in that case you have to hurry up, my friend. 

S.P.: Have you recorded something new while travelling? 
B.M.: No. We had some tiny ideas, but we are focused on doing amazing gigs. 

S.P.: At what stage do you start to think of the cover of the album and the image of the project? 
B.M.: Oh, at the final one. How can you deal with things like these without the finished product which would inspire it? The aim of the artwork is to give the final touch and to present our ideas even better. 

S.P.: What do you think about musicians like Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, who seem to have turned their problems with certain substances part of their charisma? 
B.M.: Let's say it this way - as an artist I would feel very bad to be more famous for my narco problems than for my music. Anyone can sleep with Kate Moss and take drugs. But I am more tempted to touch people with my art , to write something that can converse with them. What's the point of being the next rock&roll cliche? 

S.P.: What do you listen lately? 
B.M.: The last albums of the Queens of the Stone age and Eagles of Death Metal . As well as Arcade Fire. 

S.P.: You like HipHop as well. Do you feel like recording such a song? 
B.M.: I despise gangsta' rap and all the money , women, and big cars that go with it . We've tried to experiment with such elements in songs like “Spite and Malice. from the album Black Market Music, but we don't feel like repeating. 

S.P.: You have made duets with David Bowie, Michael Stipe, and Alison from the Kills. Do you want to record with somebody else? 
B.M.: I would be pleased to make something with Bjork. She is one of the most fantastic musicians for the last few years . But first we should make an appropriate song. I'm certainly not walking around with a list of people who we would like to work with, although there are volunteers all the time. 

S.P.: Did you manage to concur the US? 
B.M.: NO, but we want to, ha-ha. Now we are going on one big tour with Linkin Park, HIM and My Chemical Romance, so we'll see. 

S.P.: Five years ago Kerrang magazine called you the last big rockstar of Great Britain. How did you feel then? 
B.M.: It's almost unbelievable what kind of things people can write. I could not care less about this. 

S.P.:And finally, what's your favorite abuse lately? 
B.M.: You fukin' fukin' motherfucker.