Confront Magazine "A word with Placebo's new drummer", Sep'08

September 10th, 2008
Written by gemma

I'm sure all of you Placebo fans have heard about drummer, Steve Hewitt, parting ways with Placebo late last year. It is unfortunate and I can imagine many of you were crushed to hear the news. However there has been some good news recently as the band as announced the joining of a new drummer! 

This new drummer's name is also Steve; Steve Forrest to be exact. Steve is an aspiring 22 year old young man from Turlock, California and according to him, the first time he heard Placebo's music, he fell in love with it. 

"The first time I heard them was on my first tour [with then band, Evaline] in early '06. I did love them immediately, then I didn't hear anything until we opened up for them later that year when they came to the States. And I must say that it is pretty amazing to be playing with such an amazing group of people. They're the band I never knew I 
always wanted". 

I know die hard placebo fans are worried about this change to the bands line-up but don't worry, Placebo isn't planning on making any major musical changes says Steve: "We don't really think about changing the sound when we write. It's really about what feels good and sounds fresh, and we have a great time writing and playing together. Smiles all around". 

Steve Forrest sounds like a great choice for a new drummer and having heard him play with his previous band, Evaline, I have to say I am looking forward to seeing what he will bring to this new venture of his. We're glad the search is over and that Placebo can make new music and keep touring. Hopefully you all will enjoy Steve's addition to the 
band because he seems to be pretty excited. 

"I'm a bit nervous to see how they will respond to me. I mean, it's not really something that I'm too worried about because one great thing about Placebo's fan base is that they seem pretty open minded. So I am looking forward to meeting as many [of them] as possible and doing my best to give justice to everybody's favourite band".
Placebo is currently working on their 6th album so stay tuned for more news on that!