Confront Magazine "Florence é Florentino", Nov'08

November 13th, 2008
Written by gemma
This week I was asked to do the Round Table.. a bit last minute but I managed to have the chance to speak with bassist Matt and guitarist Eric from Florence é Florentino, a soulful indie rock band from Turlock, California. They’re both great guys and the whole band is as well. I listened to them and they’re really good, you should definitely go check them out on MySpace. Enjoy the interview!

CONFRONT: So to start can you give me a brief history of the band? How you got together and how you know each other, etc.

MATT: Sure. Well Steve was In a band called Evaline and I was in one called Fairwell Madison. Our bands were popular around here so we became friends. We dated girls that were best friends so we hung a lot and became best friends. Eric and I went to the same high school and never really talked back then, but after Eric got out of the military he started tattooing here and we re-met through tattoos, and then about a year or so later Steve got into tattoos and eventually became an apprentice under Eric. Meanwhile my old band broke up, and Steve parted ways with Evaline so naturally we started jamming then things evolved into what they are today.

CONFRONT: Nice. How would you say your band is different from other bands? What makes you special?

MATT: We offer something unique in which we have such a unique approach to our music. We really strive to give people a music they can feel and at the same time giving insight into ourselves and our unique blend of our musical cultures and backgrounds. All while keeping it fun and meaningful.

CONFRONT: What would you say you like best about each other’s musical abilities?

ERIC: I appreciate matt’s ability to not be a simple root note player, and I enjoy how he provides a sturdy backbone especially in the writing process he provides structure for us to experiment. For Steve, I like his lyrical content and the way his simplicity has soul.. and I love his charisma on stage.

MATT: I love Eric’s ability to materialize amazing lead parts and unique ideas. It’s really natural to play with both Steve and Eric. Eric and I just click with instruments in hand. I love Steve’s voice and the way he can put it out there. I love Chris’ ability to adapt and learn. I just love playing music with them.

CONFRONT: Good, good. Ok so you guys have been playing shows this past year.. how has the crowds response been to your music?

MATT: Well since our schedules only allow occasional shows they usually are really unique and heartfelt. We have a chemistry on stage that’s infectious. We like to give people an amazing experience.

CONFRONT: Hmm.. if someone has never listened to your band before.. which song would you want them to listen to first? and why?

MATT: “I see birdies”. I think the lyrical content really summarizes us up to a T. It brings us back to playing in Eric’s living room to all hours. Plus it’s a beautiful song.

CONFRONT: I agree. That’s my favorite song, it’s really good.

*Matt smiles*

CONFRONT: Are you guys planning on releasing an album? I know Steve’s in London at the moment, but when he’s back and has time, do you think an album is a possibility for you guys?

ERIC: Yeah definitely.

MATT: Down the road though when Steve has more time. It wouldn’t be a suprise if me, Eric and Chris might be putting something out in the meantime.

ERIC: Still figuring out details on that project.

CONFRONT: Oh really? Will you be getting a temporary singer while Steve’s gone for that?

MATT: Looks like me and Eric will be taking the reigns on this one. It’s gonna be a bit different from Florence é Florentino.

CONFRONT: Oh, so a side project type of thing?

MATT: More or less. We’ll see.

CONFRONT: You and Eric recently got back from London and I heard you played some shows over there. Any fun stories you’d like to share?

MATT: Yeah actually we played a fun show at ‘The Hope and Anchor’ and met a lot of great people. Randomly one morning Steve’s flatmate, who worked at a home for the elderly, called and was in dire need of a musician because the one they booked for this darling 86 year old womans birthday flaked. So we went and filled in, played a couple songs of ours and few others. We really had a lot of fun out there.

CONFRONT: Haha, that’s awesome. Very sweet of you guys, I must say. So last question. Where do you see your music going in the future?

MATT: That we can bring something new and genuine to the table. I see things and our music only getting better. We would love to be continuously growing..

CONFRONT: I hope for the same things for you guys! I’m sure it’ll happen. You guys are great!

MATT: And keep it fun!

CONFRONT: Yes, most definitely! Anyway, thanks so much for doing the interview on such short notice!

MATT: Thanks much for the support and the kind words. You’ve been amazing. A+

*Smiles all around*

To listen to Florence é Florentino, please visit their MySpace page:

Photos by: Samantha G